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Zhe Tian _ Chen Dong _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

Nov 11th, 2022 at 11:12   Security & Safety   Canning   86 views Reference: 30
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Now, some people dare to despise him like this, like catching chickens, which naturally makes him furious. He opened his mouth and spurted out a piece of glow, in which there was a spiral groove of the God cone, the auspicious light was brilliant, shooting at Ye Fan's palm, trying to penetrate the past. However, the scene of bleeding and broken hand bones did not appear. The big hand pressed hard, and the luster of the King's Cone was dimmed, broken inch by inch, and fell to the ground. "Bang" Ye Fan grabbed his collar and brought him over, his eyes cold, so that the temperature of the place dropped sharply. How dare you The ancient people were so angry that they felt a sense of humiliation in their hearts. They couldn't help drinking and struggling violently. I dare not? Ye Fan sneered, loosened him, and then a big slap in the face, "Pa" pulled him away, and a long string of blood spilled from his mouth. "Bang" Before he fell, Ye Fan's big hand reached over, grabbed him out of midair, clamped his collarbone, and carried him back upside down. You let go of me! This ancient clan is furious, his body blooms a blazing purple light, not hesitate to use the forbidden force of self-mutilation, crack a few fetal bones, release potential, want to destroy Ye Fan's palm. The pearl of rice also shines! With a sneer at the corners of his mouth,collapsible pallet box, Ye Fan threw him up, and then slapped him down, as if he were playing a ball, splitting him on the ground, making his joints ring and his mouth and nose bleed. Of course, this is naturally the result of his mercy, otherwise where there is a complete body, has long been a pair of mud and bones. Several ancient clans in the rear were cold all over, but it was a chopper, who was so miserable in front of him,plastic pallet supplier, like a scarecrow, that he could fight as he wanted. Catch you, what dare I? Ye Fan said coldly and grabbed him again, letting him struggle in every way. This time Ye Fan grabbed him like a dead dog, and then pinched him so hard that his bones almost broke and creaked. "Bang" Ye Fan threw him heavily in front of the mining area of the Ji family, and did not know how many children were watching, all stunned, who was this man? It is possible to suppress an ancient beater in this way. You also want to humiliate the Emperor of the Void. Now atone for your sins. Ye Fan had a sense of anger in his heart. Ji Ziyue and Ji Haoyue had a close relationship with him. Their cousin and cousin were humiliated, which made him really angry. He kicked the man up, turned into a parabola and landed in front of the little brother and sister. "The slap marks he left on your face can be returned now," he said. The brilliance in Ji yuande's eyes shot out, surprised and uncertain, in front of this person is too strong, who is it, unexpectedly they come out. A pair of his children, on the other hand, wanted to know the identity of the mysterious figure, and when they looked at the people on the ground, their muscles tightened and they wanted to make a move. It's all right, collapsible bulk container ,euro plastic pallet, let's do it. Ye Fan smiled. "Bang" When the elder brother could not restrain himself, he kicked out in an instant, kicking the chopper out dozens of feet away, rolling like a broken gourd. "Pow" The young girl saw the blood mark on her face and waved her jade hand, which was provided for you by Baidu. She gave the strong man of the ancient clan a slap in the face and made his face flush, which was totally angry! "What are you, insulting my empty ancestor? If he were alive, the ancient emperor would not dare to be so boastful!" The two little brothers and sisters were badly wronged just now, with tears in their eyes. At this time, the elder brother waved his hand and split his hands, and the younger sister lifted her feet and kicked, crackling. He does rocket training. Look, I'm angry! My intelligence quotient has regressed, and now I can't understand what I write. This ancient strong man has strong bones and muscles, but he can't help coughing up blood. This is completely angry. He was kicked and hit in the mouth by two younger generations. He was really angry. In the distance, a group of ancient clan riots, all roared, just a series of Ye Fan's actions were too fast, they had no time to stop, and at this time to see the two little children of the Ji family so strong to them, naturally angry. A group of people came across the border, killing to the front, see a war can not be avoided, Ye Fanshen s sè cold, step forward, a finger out, a bright sword B bō spread away. There is no difference with the real waves, blazing and dazzling, which is the result of the sword gas, which indiscriminately attacks the people who cross the border, and the blood light appears in the blood fog. This is a massacre, there is no suspense, more than sixty people are all turned into blood and bones, the sword B bō where no one can stop, a touch is broken. At this time, even the people of the Ji family froze. Ji yuande said to himself, "Even if the bright moon comes back and the purple moon appears, there is no such fighting power." And this pair of little brother and sister is tears in the eyes, Ji family a pair of Tianjiao brother and sister left, let them feel miss that is their most worship and favorite brother and sister. On the other side of the ancient clan, there was complete silence, and they were all frightened. Who was this man? "Are you the madman who appeared in the Fire Spirit Valley?" A man came from a distance. There were two bearers guarding this mining area. This was another man. He was a descendant of the eight divine generals. He usually thought highly of himself, but now he has suffered such a defeat. The shock in his heart can be imagined. Clang " The dark gold pike inserted in the ground was so brilliant that it rose from the ground automatically. Under the urging of Ye Fan's primordial spirit, it turned into a black awn that pierced the Nine Heavens and turned down. Poof! Blood spattered several feet high, and the pike of the black sè penetrated his body and carried him hundreds of feet away. He was nailed to a huge stone tablet and died. The area of the ancient clan suddenly exploded, one of the bearers was being pressed to the ground to slap his mouth, and the other died so violently, how could they resist? Some of the remaining people wanted to escape, but how could Ye Fan give them a chance, and pointed like a knife, a stroke forward, like a wave of ink rolling, instantly submerged the front. Poof, "poof.." Blood blossoms one after another, Ye Fan hit with all his strength, swept hundreds of miles, killed the people in front of a clean, destroyed the withered and rotten, without any suspense. After that,plastic trash bins, he took to the air with a gun and entered a deeper region, completely overturning the territory of the Prince of Heaven, and the earth turned into ashes under one blow. cnplasticpallet.com

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