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You can treat me if I am sick. Full-time Job

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It was not easy for him. He had never experienced such strong emotions before, so he had no experience in this area, which made him feel a little difficult to deal with at once. Stupid This is the word he has been using on other humans, because he has been making mistakes because of his stupidity, and has not been able to keep up with his thinking speed, so that he has to waste time explaining for them. And now he just wants to use the word on himself, stupid guy, you have been affected, into the inertia of thinking! Three is a critical number. When a phenomenon is repeated three times, it is easy to affect people's thinking mode and form inertia in thinking. He used the previous imitation cases to aggravate this inertia and cover up his real purpose. He let out a breath and managed to control his emotions. Mo Cong has pulled the surveillance video from the police station. On the screen, Shi Rui and Xu walked side by side. They got into the elevator, went downstairs, went to the underground parking lot of the police station, got on the bus, and walked away. Mo Cong noticed that Xu in the video was not threatened. On the contrary, she moved freely and walked like a normal person. She did not seem to be forced at all. He couldn't understand it and thought it was incredible. "How could this happen?" "It seems that forensic doctor Xu took the initiative to go with this man." The police officer next to him felt the same way. Could it be a misunderstanding? Someone put forward another view: "Forensic Doctor Xu and Mr. Shi seem to be acquaintances." "You can't file a case for less than 24 hours." "Let's wait and see. Maybe we'll be back in a little while." …… Tang Su stood outside the crowd, eyes deep, calm and deep, do not reveal any emotion, staring at the familiar figure on the screen,aluminum tile edge trim, not a moment. The eager discussion of those people in front of him was blocked out of his ears, and only every picture in the camera could affect his nerves. He noticed that her face was calm, too calm, and that her dark eyes had lost their usual brilliance. Without any resistance, he followed Shi Rui out of the police station. Not because she knew Shree, not because she volunteered to go together, but because she was hypnotized. Tang Su's eyes sank. He always knew that there was a man hiding in the dark. There was a trace of him in the case of Wang Lihua's corpse wax. The strange music on the campus radio. Afterwards,stainless steel tile trim, Xu once talked about Lin Zhiqiang's performance at that time. At one time, he had given up resistance, but finally he suddenly jumped off the building. Later, in the case of Luo Jinrong, he appeared again, but only in a very rude way to interfere with the progress of the case, hypnotize a person who has nothing to do with the case to confuse the police investigation, the purpose is to meet him face to face. He has always been alone, he is keen on all kinds of abnormal cases, he will not worry about other people's feelings, do not have to consider the safety of other people, because he is the only one. Therefore, in the discovery of the existence of such a number one person, he did not feel any trouble, stainless steel tile edge trim ,tile trim factory, on the contrary, he welcomed the existence of such a person. It's like the variable X in the formula, and the presence of this variable X makes the case more interesting. With each case, he calculated the variable step by step, like doing a tedious mathematical problem, the murderer in those cases, but to solve the number in the mathematical problem, he enjoyed the feeling of solving the puzzle. As he calculated, he got more and more information about variable X, and the psychological portrait of X became more and more perfect: male, between 25 and 35 years old, highly educated, most likely to have studied abroad, good appearance, and certain attraction to women. With good economic conditions, he has the financial resources and time to study these criminal cases. He has participated in many cases but drifted away from them, especially the recent four cases. Although they are imitation crimes, he did not deliberately imitate them exactly, but only imitated them from the general direction. Because in his view, these cases are just a tool for him, reflecting his arrogance and narcissism, and he thinks he is special and has an anti-social personality. He will attach great importance to his appearance and be sensitive to popular elements. For the same reason, his high cultural literacy and arrogant personality foster his self-righteousness. He has a certain degree of understanding and application of criminal psychology and hypnosis, and to achieve such a level, without systematic learning, self-study alone will not have such practical ability. I just didn't expect that the variable X would spread to Xu in the end. Now, the answer to the math problem has come out, the term X has appeared by itself, and a new game has been set up, in which the variables have been changed to Xu, which makes him have to join in. According to his previous research and statistics, people's involvement in emotions in the process of doing things often makes things easy to go wrong and not achieve the best results. Emotions affect people's thinking and judgment, and he does not need such cumbersome things. To him, human feelings are like a strange circle, and people in those circles think he is a strange person. Now, he himself is trapped in a strange circle. He was worried, extremely worried, and because of this, he felt extremely anxious about the game. On the one hand, he had to think about the possible ways of the other side, and at the same time, he had to try to suppress the impact of unfamiliar emotions to ensure that he would not make such a mistake as "caring is chaotic". Tang Su raised his hand, covered his eyes hard, and felt a pain in his chest. Mo Cong heard a sound behind him and looked back. Tang Su had gone, striding on his long legs,china tile trim, because he hit a chair in a hurry. Tang Su- "Mo Cong chased out:" Where are you going? " "Go back to sleep." His voice was stilted by over-suppression of emotion. Tang Su calmly took a deep breath and did not look back. He had to calm himself down before he could cope with the game in the best condition. Now he can't make his brain think in an orderly way. As soon as he uses his brain now, his brain uncontrollably appears the thought of "Xu is in the clutches of a perverted madman", which makes him unable to calm down. jecatrims.com

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Miss Zhu, of course, has lost her usual delicacy. Her hair is shaggy, her clothes are messy, and her face has changed. She looks up reluctantly. "I was hit in the stomach just now. Now, it hurts to move. I can't sit still. It's better to lie down.." Hu Yue's face suddenly changed. "Where does it hurt?" As she spoke, she quickly sent a message to the teacher and asked him to come over. He had a stomachache, which could be big or small. If he was injured in a fight, he should consider the spleen injury. If the spleen was really ruptured, he must call an ambulance immediately, otherwise he would probably die. Fortunately, she asked Miss Zhu to maintain her original position and gently palpate it: it was not the position of the spleen, but on the side of the ribs. It should have been broken or fractured. I didn't feel it at that time, but now it began to hurt, so it was inconvenient to displace. But Hu Yue still can not rest assured, for the sake of caution, she suggested that Miss Zhu immediately call an ambulance. There may be internal bleeding. No matter what concerns you have, whether you don't want to make news or make a big deal, Miss Zhu, I advise you that nothing is more important than life. Miss Zhu took a rest, probably a little strength, she raised her face, dying but still very insistent, "do not call an ambulance." Hiss- " Said these words, probably affecting the abdominal muscles, she gasped in pain, and no longer so insistent, "ambulance." Don't call 120, Doctor Shi,Alumina Ceramic C795, you- " The teacher naturally had access to a private hospital. He and Hu Yue looked at each other. "I'm calling-are you sure you don't want your boyfriend to come over?" "He was on a business trip in the United States to talk about going public." Miss Zhu said that with the help of Hu Yue, she slowly changed to a more comfortable position, bent half lying half holding, leaning on the edge of the sofa panting, slowed down for a while, and said, "I should not wake up now, can you take some pictures for me?" She turned pale with pain, but still insisted on asking Hu Yue to take a picture of her, dying to edit WeChat, while typing,Ceramic Band Heater, she couldn't wait to ask, "Look at my face, my face.." Doctor, how is my nose? Is it crooked? Do you want.. Hiss, repair surgery? This may be dying, but still so concerned about the face. What can Hu Yue say? When Miss Zhu called her, she only said that she had been beaten and was in a certain club. Now she could not come out. She wanted to ask her to come and see her face. By the way, she would bring the Guru. He had a member of this club, and Miss Zhu knew it. Hu Yue also thought that there was something unhappy in the social intercourse, Miss Zhu was rewarded with a slap, came to know that it was so serious, and may even be life-threatening. But what Miss Zhu is most concerned about is her own face. Doctor Shi- She looked at the teacher prayerfully and eagerly, urging him to come forward for treatment. "Is it-is it-?" Hu Yue and the teacher exchanged a look, the teacher shrugged his shoulders, no expression, Hu Yue sighed: "The face is blue, the eyes are high and swollen, the nose is also need to say?"? That angle, oneself all saw is not right, besides, 10g Ozone Generator ,Ozone generator ceramic plate, doesn't she feel the pain? "It was interrupted." She had no choice but to tell the cruel truth. "The operation must be done. Miss Zhu, don't you feel it?"? The nose has been broken. Miss Zhu's expression suddenly solidified, her face, once atmospheric and beautiful, amorous feelings, after the operation, slightly exaggerated in reality, but still can be regarded as a beautiful beauty, but now, this swollen and twisted face, even as scary as the ghost face woman, beauty was easily destroyed, leaving only scars. After the incident, she may not have been crying, the corner of the eye makeup is still intact, until this moment, tears washed away the mascara, down the red and swollen abrasions, she lowered her head, crying and pumping out a painful hum, the mess has reached the extreme, Hu Yue commanding, looking at the back of her head, I do not know how, and thought of Miss Wen-a year ago, where to think of a year later today? "It can be repaired." She said, some in vain to comfort miss Zhu, "first go to the hospital to do a b-ultrasound or something, to see if there are other facial fractures, no is a small problem, nose fracture is actually quite common, good craftsmanship, perhaps can be repaired to leave no trace.".
It's better to make sure you don't have internal bleeding first-life is really more important than face, Miss Zhu. Besides, if you cry, you'll have a runny nose for a while, and it'll only get worse. Miss Zhu couldn't even shake her head now. She probably had a pain in her stomach when she moved. She made a gesture to wipe her tears. Hu Yue took two pieces of paper to help her wipe it. Her eye, which was not swollen, was still so beautiful. It's too late. What's too late? The new play is too late, the big production that starts shooting immediately, the leading actress is beaten like this, what should we do? How long is the recovery period? If the nose can't be repaired again, will it be changed? Will you never be able to develop in the entertainment industry again? "In fact, I didn't want to do anything with him at all, it was all himself." Before the ambulance came, Miss Zhu said intermittently, "It's all his own thinking, but his wife doesn't think so.." Needless to say too thoroughly, Hu Yue herself could think of the rest: Miss Zhu's boyfriend, of course, had a wife, and probably had a lot of influence in his hands. Taking advantage of her husband's opportunity to go abroad and teach the fox a little lesson, wouldn't it be justified? Perhaps there are also some contradictory fuses related to Miss Zhu, so she became the object of anger. Perhaps even, some of the people who are jealous of Miss Zhu's development secretly instigate, otherwise, how can it be so accurate? Came up to break her nose, this must be know that she has done the nose, but also repaired, compared to other parts more fragile, will find the right to start. This nose, single-handedly pushed her to the peak of her life, but it also became her weakness from then on. Not to mention Miss Zhu, even Hu Yue,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, a bystander, did not expect that Miss Zhu would fall on this for the second time. She was speechless for a while and did not know how to comfort her: everyone came out to mix, and she could not say what position she had on this kind of dispute. global-ceramics.com