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Yichang Ghost Affair _ Snake Congge Full-time Job

Nov 11th, 2022 at 10:52   Independent & Freelance   Canacona   92 views Reference: 10
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"Sister Qiao.". Sister Qiao. A vague voice came out of the water tank, very vague. Everyone was shocked. It was the name of the missing little girl. The accountant was so proud that he threw the frog in his hand next to the giant salamander, and the village party secretary heard the splash inside. The village party secretary also grabbed the water tank to see the giant salamander. And, reach for the head to see. The giant salamander was floating on the surface of the water and was biting the frog. The village party secretary was fascinated by it. Unexpectedly, the giant salamander suddenly jumped up and bit the village party secretary's ear. The village party secretary was frightened and fell back. Everyone hurriedly pulled the baby fish away. The accountant stopped people from killing the giant salamander and put it back into the water tank. The giant salamander returned to the water tank, and a voice came out of the water tank again, "Tiankeng.". A sinkhole. Now people there can not believe the strange giant salamander, a few people stay to take care of the village party secretary, the others went to call Qiaomei's parents, to the Tiankeng near the village to find. It was so clever that Qiaomei was found in the sinkhole, but she was already dead, a corpse. The sinkhole is tens of meters deep, on the south side, the slope is very gentle, people can walk down the hole, but on the north side is a vertical cliff, people fall from it, there is the possibility of survival. Qiaomei fell from the north. Now the village is boiling, saying that the giant salamander is definitely an ominous thing. Now the giant salamander has bitten the ear of the village party secretary, and the village party secretary seems to be choking. Accountant's pressure is too big, immediately plans to go out, prepares to look for a person in the big city, sold the giant salamander. Before she left, she told her daughter-in-law to take good care of the giant salamander. Now that the accountant has promised the villagers, the villagers will no longer embarrass him. Waiting for him to bring someone back to sell the talking giant salamander. After the accountant left, his daughter-in-law fed the giant salamander every day, and stood on the stool every day, looking at the giant salamander in a daze for a while. This detail has also been seen in the village. The day before the accountant came back,deep draw stamping, the village party secretary had an accident. The daughter-in-law of the village party secretary asked in the village early in the morning whose house her husband drank at last night and didn't come back all night. But everyone in the village said they were not in their own home, so the daughter-in-law of the village party secretary panicked. Of course, the villagers knew what to do, so they went to the accountant's house. The accountant's daughter-in-law saw so many people coming and was already standing by the water tank. She was very nervous. "Old school, old school," she said. It turned out that she already knew what had happened, that the villagers knew, and that, of course, was what the talking giant salamander told her. The village party secretary was found in a straw pile, which was in a very remote place, where there was a school, which had been abandoned a long time ago, and few people went there at ordinary times. The village party secretary did not have any scars on his body, Investment casting parts ,metal stamping parts, nor did he bleed. He was not stabbed to death by a sharp weapon, nor was he poisoned, nor hanged, nor drowned. He died so well. The villagers were going to kill the giant salamander, but the accountant's daughter-in-law stopped everyone. She said that the man in his family said that the giant salamander could be sold for a lot of money, a lot of money, and then the accountant would distribute the money to the villagers. Get more money than a lifetime of potatoes. The next day the accountant appeared in the village. Everyone listened to him and waited for someone to sell the giant salamander. But people in the village are very worried about whether the magic spell related to the giant salamander will fall on their own bodies. Everyone is wondering who will be unlucky next? In a week, everyone will know who it is. That evening, the accountant ran quickly down the village road, knocking on every door. Crazy knock, see people, only look at their own home, but can not speak. It seems that he was greatly frightened and temporarily lost his voice. More than a dozen people followed the accountant to his house and walked to the backyard. Everybody sees the situation, all liver and gallbladder want to crack! On the water tank, a leg, that leg, is the leg of the accountant's wife. They rushed up and saw the accountant's daughter-in-law, head down, immersed in the water tank. People have been dead for a long time. The giant salamander is swimming around the head of the accountant's wife. The accountant went crazy and fished out the giant salamander and killed it with a hoe. People want to stop too late, the money promised by the accountant, to bring hope to everyone, disappeared. But the accountant also has only himself to blame, the girl and the village party secretary's strange death, after all, is only the speculation of the villagers, and the unwarranted relationship with the giant salamander. But the death of the accountant's wife is. The story is not over. Not only is there no end, but the next thing is simply a turning point. Accountant's daughter-in-law died, but the family property is still there, but since his daughter-in-law died, it seems that he has no interest in women, so he came back from the mountain stream to catch giant salamanders. At the beginning, it was raised in a water tank. Later, when there were more, I dug a big pit in the backyard and built a shed. Later, I expanded the shed and the puddle. Over the years, dozens or hundreds of giant salamanders were raised in the house. When dozens of them were raised, the accountant also quit his job as an accountant in the village and gave his job as an accountant to a young man who had dropped out of high school. Everyone began to think that the accountant had been driven mad by the giant salamander. But after calling him an accountant for more than ten years, he couldn't change his words. At this time, the narrator's mother married the accountant, and at this time, no unmarried woman looked up to the accountant. The accountant doesn't care about the village's financial affairs now. He doesn't farm or plant trees. He serves his giant salamanders all day long. Narrator's mother is a drag oil bottle, looking at the accountant's family still has some foundation, married in the past. If you are not helpless, you will not follow an idle accountant. The giant salamanders in the accountant's home cry all day long, like children, crying so much that they are annoying. And the death of the accountant's first wife,socket screw plug, and the giant salamander. The narrator's mother could not care so much. He was a widow. What choice did he have? What he had to do was not to let himself and his son starve. Anything else can be put aside. The accountant doesn't work, but the family still has some savings. But then, everyone knew they were wrong. autoparts-dx.com

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