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White Moonlight Substitute Struggles Daily Life Full-time Job

Nov 11th, 2022 at 10:57   Real Estate   Canacona   98 views Reference: 15
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"Yu Guiren, I can finally remind you that if it's not yours, it's not yours after all.". If you act recklessly, you can only suffer in the end. She finally dropped a cold sentence and walked towards the inner hall. He Xiangrong looked at Lu Yapin's back and pinched his nails into his robe. The heart is extremely unwilling, but also resentful. Not only was she unwilling, but she still felt unwilling for Xu Zhiyu. Jiang Chenfei in addition to that face, what is good? Now, but not just your majesty changed his mind, in addition, I'm afraid even Xu Zhiyu miss for so long Gu prime minister, also willing to do her skirt of the minister! …… And this side, in the carriage in front of the prime minister's mansion, is not peaceful. If anyone hurts you, I'll kill her. If I hurt you, you kill me. When he said this, he even smiled. However, when he heard this sentence, Jiang Niannian became more firm in his mind. She felt that Gu Changqing must not be a normal person. Perhaps as written in the original, he has long been accustomed to being in a high position above ten thousand people. But even in the face of his instinctive nervousness, Jiang Niannian still felt that he was really good and that he was really helping her. Every time I read it, it is also warm. Gu Changqing had already put on his cloak and said lightly, "Empress, let's go.". Say,Cold Drawn Tubes, then no longer look back, swagger away. Jiang Niannian was the only one left in the carriage. Her fingers holding the mattress tightened several times, then loosened gently, and the palms of her hands were wet with sweat. After seeing Gu Changqing leave, the breathing in his chest seemed to be out of his control. He gave her a chance to leave, removing all the people on the side of the carriage, but she could not escape. He just wants her to be inseparable from him! Under such circumstances, it is false to be not nervous. Jiang Niannian struggled to hold back the sour feeling in his heart, clasped his fingers tightly on the window lattice,side impact door beams, and bit his lip. Jiang Niannian opened the car window and wanted to find out the terrain around the prime minister's mansion, so he finally understood. Although this is also the city of Chang'an, she does not know this place at all. _(:з)∠)_ Jiang Niannian took a deep breath, I do not know how long, the bottom of my heart thousands of thoughts, after all, is intended to go out of the carriage. What's the harm in one more night? She thinks that she is not a person who cares about other people's opinions. QAQ When she reached the door of the prime minister's mansion, she saw that Gu Changqing had been standing on the edge of the door, waiting for her. He put on a white suit and couldn't help coughing a few times, but he didn't know how long he had been standing in the doorway. What's more, there is wind here, Gu Changqing has always been cold, this should not be so. Jiang Niannian: "… …" "What is your excellency doing?" The little girl stiffly pulled the line of sight away, her voice was very light, and she was mixed with arrogance. "Don't you think it's fun to bring the palace out and tease it like this?" She is clearly wronged, a pair of water eyes reflected in the moonlight, Cold Drawn Steel Tubes ,side impact beams, misty. However, he still said it in such words, just to cover up his grievance with arrogance. Gu Changqing smiled faintly, but he walked in a little. Then he said in a slightly heavy tone, "If the empress hadn't gotten out of the car for a while, I wouldn't have gone in.". It's just that I want the empress to come over voluntarily. Jiang Niannian gave her a sidelong glance, but never intended to entangle with him again. She managed to suppress her mood and said softly, "I'm tired. Is there a place to rest in the prime minister's mansion?" Gu Changqing gave the servant a look, and the steward immediately came out, followed by several nuns. They all knelt on the ground and said, "This girl, the hot water for the bath is ready. Please go with the maidservant." How could Jiang Niannian miss this opportunity to escape from his sight. She did not even say hello, and immediately left with Mammy. And Gu Changqing did not say anything, only holding a hand stove, sitting in the pavilion to drink medicine. Not long after, the steward came forward to wait on him. Adults are already weak, so why should they stand in the draught for so long? Gu Changqing just looked at the book, did not look up, said: "I have my own arrangements." The steward bowed and answered "yes.". He watched the little girl follow Mammy into the inner room, not lost in thought, can not help, and then reminded the sentence: "… …" My Lord, do you think this girl will find another guest room after she has bathed, or will she be sent directly to your room? Over the years, the prime minister's adult power, can fight against numerous powerful ministers, he is clear. So, from the various institutions in the court, I don't know how many women I want to send to their adults! However, from the beginning to the end, there was never a woman who was brought back to the house by adults themselves. The girl was born with such a snowy and beautiful appearance, which made people cherish her. Even if only by the moonlight can not see clearly, but also know that the beauty is amazing. Besides, tonight adults not only brought back, but also patiently waited for a long time on the cusp of the storm. Presumably, this girl is a rare sight for the adults in their family. His heart is also secretly pleased. Gu Changqing took one look at him, clasped his fingertips on the medicine bowl, and said coldly, "naturally arrange the guest room.". If such wanton speculation again, immediately drive out of the house! "Yes, my Lord." The steward shuddered at once and dared not say anything more. However, the steward is still a little strange, the little girl's clothes are particularly luxurious, where is the general family in the city of Chang'an dare to wear?! It can't be.. The prime minister brought back some noble person from the palace. At this point, the steward's eyes were even more respectful. After Jiang Niannian followed Mammy into the warm pavilion, the air was not as cold as it had just been, and her heart finally calmed down a little. Several maidservants stood on the edge, waiting at any time to change new hot water for Jiang Niannian. And so on, she did not know how long she had been inside, perhaps for many hours. She did not want to get up immediately, first, because the water temperature was just right and comfortable. Second,impact beam tubes, because, after tonight's events, Jiang Niannian's mind is blank at the moment. She had no idea how to go out and face Gu Changqing. _(:з)∠)_ cbiesautomotive.com

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