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Violent doctor (complete) Full-time Job

Nov 11th, 2022 at 10:51   Independent & Freelance   Calangute   108 views Reference: 9
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Turning off the guild channel, Ye Lin turned to the butterfly dance and said, "I have informed them that in five minutes, the Lingshui City Transmission Array will meet." The butterfly dance nodded. "Well, I'll inform my friend." ………… There are three beauties standing beside the transmission array in Lingshui City. It's iced coffee, good babies, and kittens. The elder sister is in a hurry to call us here. Is there something wrong? The good baby said with a worried face. I don't think so. The kitten smiled and said, "Big sister is so strong, what can happen?"? Besides, if something really happens, the elder sister can't just call the three of us. Iced Coffee nodded and said, "Kitten is right. I guess Wayan has something for us to do." Just then, the white light of the transport array flashed three times, and Ye Lin, Butterfly Dance and Black Tea (the swordsman friend of Butterfly Dance) walked out of the transport array respectively. Eh? Who are the two people around the elder sister? The good baby turned to look at the iced coffee and the kitten and asked. Iced coffee shook his head. "No." "I don't know either," said the kitten. "Come on, let's go." The iced coffee and the good baby nodded together and went to Ye Lin's side with the kitten. Sister, here we come. The three women said together. Let me introduce it to you. Ye Lin smiled at Butterfly Dance and Black Tea and said, "These three are my good sisters. The soldier's name is Iced Coffee,alloy die casting, the thief's name is Kitten, and the archer's name is Good Baby." After that, Ye Lin said to the three girls, "This Dharma Master's sister is Diewu, and the other is her good friend, Black Tea." In fact, Ye Lin did not have to introduce butterfly dance and black tea to the three girls. With the rank of three women,die casting parts, you can see the information of butterfly dance and black tea. The introduction was entirely out of politeness. Hello, three sisters. Nice to meet you. The butterfly dance smiled at the three girls and said. "Ah!" Black tea suddenly let out an exclamation, pointing to the kitten and the baby and saying, "I remember, you are the top ten in the list of fantasy!" After the black tea said so, the butterfly dance also remembered, "Yes, good baby, occupation is archer, level 56, the seventh of the top ten fantasy rankings!"! Kitten, occupation is a thief, level 55, CNC machining parts ,DIN screw plug, the ninth in the top ten list of illusions! No wonder I think your names are so familiar! The three women looked at each other and smiled. Uh Butterfly dance suddenly thought of something, turned to look at Ye Lin, "they call you elder sister, your occupation is a priest, is it." Sister, you're not Blue Rain, are you?! Ye Lin nodded with a smile and said, "Yes, I am Blue Rain!" Chapter 136 Luanshigang. "Wow, I saw my idol!" Black tea looked at Ye Lin, eyes full of small stars, indescribable excitement. Although the performance of butterfly dance is not as exaggerated as black tea, anyone can see that she is also excited at this time. Looks like I'm still famous! Ye Lin was a little narcissistic, straightened up, and told the iced coffee, the good baby, and the kitten about the butterfly dance task. Sister, are you telling the truth? After listening to Ye Lin's words, the iced coffee was very excited. But this is no wonder, there is a chance to get the artifact, not excited. The good baby and the kitten also looked at Ye Lin together, and they could not believe what they had heard. Ye Lin nodded with a smile and said, "Of course it's true. When have I ever lied to you?" "Great!" "Hooray!" "Yeah!" Almost at the same time, the three women let out a cheer. Sister Blue Rain. Butterfly Dance suddenly pulled Ye Lin and asked carefully, "Black Tea and I haven't joined the guild yet, can you." Do you accept us into the Rain League? "You want to enter the Rain Alliance?" Butterfly dance and black tea nodded together. Ye Lin smiled and said, "No problem. I will add you to the Rain Alliance now. From now on, we are sisters!" After the butterfly dance and black tea were added to the rain alliance, the guild channel suddenly became lively. Is there a new person? Who is the newcomer? Raise your hand quickly! "Welcome the new people, let's applaud!" "Newcomer Express Three Measurements!" ………… I chatted with the girls on the guild channel for a while. Ye Lin closed the guild channel and turned to ask Butterfly Dance and Black Tea: "Do you two have enough medicine?" "I have enough medicine," said the black tea. Butterfly dance shook his head, "I still have a little, but not enough, the wizard is too expensive." Ye Lin took out ten groups of MP medicine from the item column and handed it to the butterfly dance. "Is it enough now?" "That's enough." Butterfly dance nodded and said. All right, let's go! Five women answered. He followed Ye Lin into the transport array. Luanshigang is located in the south of Dongan City. Ye Lin and the girls came to Dongan City through the transport array. He rushed to Luanshigang without stopping. All the way without words, about twenty minutes later, six people came to the edge of Luanshigang. The stone statue of the brave is in here? Ye Lin turned to the butterfly dance and asked. Butterfly dance nodded slightly, "yes." Ye Lin waved the purple spirit staff, blessed herself and the five women in a favorable state, and led the five women into Luanshigang. Luanshigang is just like its name. There were stones everywhere, and it was so gray that there was not even a plant. They had entered Luanshigang for a while, but they had not met anything except stones. What's wrong? NPC says there are a lot of monsters here,die cast light housing, but why don't we meet any monsters? Butterfly dance turned to ask Ye Lin. Ye Lin shook her head. "I don't know what's going on. Maybe it's all in the depths." Iced coffee nodded in agreement. The elder sister is right. Let's go and have a look. The kitten never opened her mouth. She was beating the stone beside her with a dagger all the way. She didn't know what she was doing. Sister Kitten, why do you always knock on these stones? Can these stones turn into monsters? The baby looked at the kitten with a smile and said. I didn't expect the kitten to nod slightly. Yes, I think these stones are likely to turn into monsters. autoparts-dx.com

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