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Travel for thousands of years Full-time Job

Nov 11th, 2022 at 11:03   Independent & Freelance   Cavelossim   112 views Reference: 20
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The little master immediately twisted his waist comfortably and groaned gracefully and seductively. He began to suck the stamens of the little master, and the seductive voice of the little master became louder and more attractive. It turned out that he could make his little master so comfortable and happy. Leng Mo opened the stamens with the tip of his tongue and licked the tip of his tongue along the inside of the stamens, and now he was covered with sweat. Until he sucked the little master's crystal jade pulp, the little master stretched out his hand to pull his hair, looked at the little master's blushing face coldly, the little host motioned him to withdraw his underwear, he and his little master opposite. A thousand nights let this cold silent lick extremely unbearable, cold silent obviously is early can not stand, but still has been forced to endure their own. A thousand nights looked at the male symbol of cold silence, which had already stood up proudly, and smiled at cold silence with evil and charm. But at this time, the little master, whose face was flushed, undoubtedly added another fire to Leng Mo. Silently, he bent over the little master and used his hard majesty to touch the delicate stamens of the little master. Lord, man, Lord.. People Uh Silently and tremblingly, he sobbed and called his little master, as if he were asking, as if he were asking, could he go in? A thousand nights put their legs around the majestic waist of Leng Mo, put their hands around the neck of Leng Mo, and asked with an evil smile: "Leng Mo,hydraulic fitting supplier, do you want it?" "Well, yes, Master, Leng Mo wants Master!!" Said with cold silence and trembling. "Then Leng Mo said, Leng Mo is the master's, Leng Mo wants the master!" Blue Water Villa: Ridiculous Engagement Banquet 27. Cuiyi Villa: Happy Silence [H] Before they had digested what had been said in front of the thousand nights, they were stunned by what had been said behind the thousand nights. Qian Tianke and Jin Shiyuan both looked at Jin Shaofei, while Jin Shaofei looked at Qian Ye,needle valve manufacturer, and Qian Ye was leisurely, like a person who had nothing to do. Jin Shiyuan said: "Shaofei, Dad believes in Shaofei and knows how to do it. It's the best for both the family and the individual!"! Shaofei always knows the priorities of things! When Jin Shaofei listened to his father's words, he was even more stunned, and the people he admired most believed in him. In fact, he knew where he would go, and of course he knew that if he did not go back, the Jin family and the Yu family would be the laughing stock of everyone in the future. That is the gold mansion that he and his father hold in one hand, and his cousin Yu Shina, he can't hurt her so much. Without words, the thousand nights are still as leisurely as a person who has nothing to do. For the result, the thousand nights have no surprise and surprise. But for Jin Shaofei, it has to be said that Qianye still overestimates him. Similarly, Qian Ye also underestimated the influence of Jin Shiyuan on Jin Shaofei. This is Jin Shaofei that rare trust, Jin Shaofei just made an apology to the thousand nights but appeased eyes, then with Jin Shiyuan back to the Jin mansion. Do you want everything? Do you want to be the same as Jin Shiyuan? But what will you get in the end? Isn't Jin Shiyuan the best example? Or he Jin Shaofei thought he was better than Jin Shiyuan. Qianye said that she had no father since she was a child, hydraulic fitting manufacturer ,pipe fittings manufacturer, and her mother had long been gone, so what happened to Cuiyi Villa? Qiantianke still remembers that when he first saw Qianye, he asked his father about Qianye. Qianye's answer was a smile. What mood did Qianye use to smile at him. The last time in NATO Sunshine Island, Qianye said that she had been lonely since childhood, and Qiantianke never understood. In the three years since he knew Qianye, it had always been his unilateral idea. He had never seen any relatives of Qianye. He had thought that Qianye's parents were gone, but he didn't believe it was true. But now really heard a thousand nights to say, he had to believe, so he knew, a thousand nights why everything is strong, such a lonely thousand nights, must be to protect themselves ah. In this way, it should be before he paid attention to Cuiyi Villa, Qianye had no parents, and that Qianye's uncle Luo Zheng began to take care of Qianye from then on. Thousand nights, tomorrow we will go to the Blue Water Villa to attend the engagement banquet of Shaofei!!? Qiantianke hugged Qianye and said gently. A thousand nights looked doubtfully at the sudden change of nature, nodded, go, of course, go, but tomorrow is a good opportunity to be famous. In the future, even if the thousand night again capricious, again wanton, he will also by the thousand night, thousand day guest thought, he wants to thousand night good, better than before, but one thing is not good, that is, thousand day guest to thousand night said: "Thousand Nights, you don't need to keep Shaofei in Cuiyi Villa any more, and you don't need to provoke Jin Shibo any more!"! And don't tempt another man! A thousand nights doubtfully glanced at him, a thousand days guest thought a thousand nights did not understand, then directly said mercilessly: "Thousand nights, you goblin, you can't seduce other men in the future!" As if afraid of a thousand nights to listen to unhappy, a thousand days guest added: "I am enough for a thousand nights. I will be better for a thousand nights in the future. I will not lose my temper with a thousand nights, nor will I be fierce with a hundred nights, nor will I be the best for a hundred nights!" A thousand nights could not help frowning, also do not want to tangle with a thousand days guest to talk about his so-called'good ', then said: "Qiantianke, go back!" The thousand day guest who just said that he would not lose his temper was obviously extremely patient, he was so to the thousand night, the response of the thousand night was to drive him away. Tomorrow, Qianye will come to Bishui Villa to find you! The thousand night knew that the thousand day guest would be so, then said helplessly. Since the arrival of Jin Shiyuan, the heart of a thousand nights has been evil smile, very happy, very comfortable, because the arrival of Jin Shiyuan, Jin Shaofei's departure,12 needle valve, doomed to what will happen tomorrow. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "What the hell is going on?" For today's silent'cunning 'behavior, Qianye knows that he must have a reason! When Jin Shiyuan came to Cuiyi Villa, he directly asked to see the Villa Leader of Cuiyi Villa '!! ". Leng Mo replied with the accent of'Villa Leader '. chinaroke.com

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