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The Counterattack of the Cannon Fodder Female Partner of Quick Wear Full-time Job

Nov 11th, 2022 at 11:01   Independent & Freelance   Canacona   67 views Reference: 17
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Every time I see Pan Chen's shy appearance, but killing people sucks people's souls, which really makes people hurt, and this guy kills people without cause and effect, without karma. Even if you destroy a plane, nothing will happen. With hair so against the sky?! Pan Chen brazenly sat with Ning Shu and Mei Ziqing, took the menu and ordered a table of dishes, and then his eyes wandered back and forth on Ning Shu and Mei Ziqing. That's the way you look at food. "Why are you here?" Asked Ning Shu. Is it really good to throw such a person in the virtual space? It's like a wolf in a sheepfold. I just walked around. Pan Chen said with a smile, Pan Chen looks very comely, looks like a clean and gentle college student, very harmless, even say two more words will blush. But these are all appearances. Pan Chen ordered all the dishes, Pan Chen picked up chopsticks to eat a mouthful, smacked his lips, "taste very good, you also eat." Ning Shu picked up the chopsticks to eat up, this is to pay their own bills, can not but eat. Ning Shu ignored Pan Chen and asked, "Do you know who has the source of the world?" Mei Ziqing shook his head. "Even if you have this kind of thing in your hand, you won't shout everywhere in a big way. This kind of thing is very rare." Yeah,side impact beams, too. As Pan Chen ate, he looked at Ning Shu and then at Mei Ziqing. "What are you talking about?" He asked. "Nothing." Ning Shu said. Pan Chen stretched out his clean and slender hand on Ning Shu's shoulder and pressed Ning Shu's shoulder, as if he were checking the taste of Ning Shu's soul. Ning Shu moved his shoulder to avoid Pan Chen's hand. "Are you sure you want to do that?" If you want to absorb the power of the soul, it depends on whether you can run or not. You have a good soul. Pan Chen praised Ning Shu politely, as if he was praising the taste of the foie gras. Ning Shu's face trembled, and Ning Shu was thinking about how much he could win against this guy. It is estimated that the winning rate is negligible. What are you doing here? Mei Ziqing asked Pan Chen. Pan Chen smiled shyly, "there are many souls here." Mei Ziqing:.. "Roll over." An indifferent voice sounded. When Pan Chen heard the sound, his face suddenly collapsed and he turned to look at the uncle in the black windbreaker at the door. Pan Chen put down his chopsticks and walked towards the uncle in a very decadent way. Pan Chen is quite awkward,stainless steel tube 304, do not want to pay attention to uncle, but also scruple about the other side's strong strength, can destroy him, he can give birth to Lingzhi is very very not easy. Ning Shu watched the two men silently fill in the love between a ghost animal attack and shyness. Uncle glanced at Ning Shu and Mei Ziqing and took Pan Chen away. When he left, Pan Chen was still looking around, staring at the taskmaster and unable to move his eyes. As soon as Pan Chen left, Mei Ziqing breathed a sigh of relief and said, "This kind of thing can only be controlled by the first generation of taskers. Wherever he goes, it is a disaster." Ning Shu pursed his lips, in the final analysis is not strong enough, strong directly take the broken stone in the hand to throw play, but also with what scruples. Ning Shu talked to Mei Ziqing for a while, but did not ask about the origin of the world, but it is certain that there is no such thing in the trading hall, Precision steel tubes ,beam impact tubes, the black market may have, but it is likely to face the situation of black eating black, security can not be guaranteed. Their current strength is still not enough to protect this kind of thing. Anyway, this road is quite long, and we can only pay attention to whether there is a world origin in the task world. And there are five sources of the world, it is not easy to get one, no wonder the world is so difficult to build. After dinner, Ning Shu separated from Mei Ziqing, and Ning Shu was ready to go to the black market to have a look. I suggest you do not now, wait until a little stronger, the worst until the senior task, the black market is not everyone can enter, the lowest threshold is the senior task. 2333 said. Ning Shu:.. Discrimination! Ning Shu can say helplessly only: "That did not stroll, return system space." Ning Shu head dizzy, returned to the system space, Ning Shu put the flowers sent by Mei Ziqing on the tea table. The whole system space is surrounded by an elegant smell, which makes people feel particularly comfortable. Ning Shu pulled out a book from the bookshelf and read it slowly. After reading it, he put the book on the bookshelf, sat down and said to 2333, "Look at the next task.". ” 2333 coughed and said, "Do you want to be a favorite concubine?" "The last world was ancient, and I don't want to do ancient tasks." Ning Shu said wearily, "let's talk about it next time." 2333 Disappointed. "All right." Ning Shu sat on the sofa waiting for the task, the space gradually emerged a woman, regular facial features durable, the capital of the people, this woman pale, some puffy figure, her age looks very young. Ning Shu estimated that he was about twenty-five years old. Her eyes were dull and dim, her hands were in front of her, making a gesture of holding a baby, but there was nothing in front of her. Ning Shu cleared his throat and said, "Hello." But the other side did not have any reaction, Ning Shu could not help but pick the eyebrows, "Hello." The other party then looked at Ning Shu, but she did not say anything. This is the first time that Ning Shu has met such a client. She has met with hatred or sadness or regret before, but there is no such hopeless client as her. The whole person has no vitality, do not know what is experienced? Ning Shu asked, "Are you going to counterattack?" "It doesn't matter. Why should I be taken to a place like this when I'm dead?" Zhang Ning said that from the beginning to the end, her arms did not move, and she was always holding a baby in her arms. Counterattack what, I have nothing to counterattack, can change what? Zhang Ning frowned and said. Ning Shu took a breath with some toothache and decided to read the story of the world first. In front of this person called Zhang Ning, is an ordinary woman, there is no amazing talent, an ordinary woman. However,side impact door beams, she is a little older than Ning Shu thought, 28 years old, and met her husband An Jinwei through a blind date. cbiesautomotive.com

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