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Super gold hand Full-time Job

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Not getting an answer from Li Yang, Bai Ming, with doubts, continued to say according to the original plan: "This is the last part of the painting and calligraphy area, and also the last part of our exhibition today. Please keep your eyes open. The last exhibit, I promise Bai Ming, will never let you down!" With Bai Ming's words, the piece of red cloth placed below gradually moved, and Bai Ming focused his attention on it. If according to the original plan 1, the final opening is the grand finale of the treasure "Preface to the Orchid Pavilion", not the red cloth below, now the red cloth below is opened first, Bai Ming has no way. Controlling all this, in fact, is Li Yang's people. The red cloth slowly moved to one side, and a transparent glass table appeared below. This glass table was slightly different from the previous one, but somewhat similar to the exhibition stand of the longevity bowl. This glass table is full of water. In the water, there is an ancient painting hidden in it, which is covered with layers of white fog, and in the white fog there are figures flashing. There is also a metal rod in the glass cabinet, which has been stirring slowly. "In the water". Bai Ming gave a fierce cry. He was no stranger to this painting and had seen it several times. It was the proud work of Wu Daozi, the great master of painting, the painting in the water. "Is this Wu Daozi's painting in the water?" President Wang took a step forward, stared at the painting in the water, and asked softly. President Wang is an authority in calligraphy and painting. Although he does not often come out, he has heard of the news of the birth of Wu Daozi's water painting, but he has never seen it. "This is the first time we have met.". "Yes, this is the painting!" It was President Huang who answered President Wang. Li Yang had brought this painting into the Palace Museum. He and several experts had carefully appreciated it and had a deep impression. Bai Ming's face showed a trace of surprise and took another look at Li Yang. The painting in the water is also a rare miracle. It is the work of the master of Wu Daozi, the sage of painting. There is no such painting in the collection mentioned by Li Yang before. Bai Ming did not expect that this painting would appear here. Li Yang smiled at Bai Ming and nodded. This painting was indeed brought here by Li Yang on the spur of the moment. Calligraphy and painting, calligraphy and painting, calligraphy and painting area, there is calligraphy and painting to show perfect, "Preface to the Orchid Pavilion" is the world's first running script,Walking measuring wheel, but also the world's first paste, naturally represents this "book". But Wu Daozi's water painting is the model in the painting, the painting saint's work, is naturally the model of "painting". Calligraphy and painting, combined together, that is the real perfection. This is Li Yang yesterday made the decision, has not told Bai Ming, because the final layout of the venue is Li Yang's people, this treasure appeared here, even Bai Ming did not know. In this way, there are more than ten national treasures and artifacts here today. More than a national treasure artifact, the meaning is different, Bai Ming's face with a surprise, and many people who have not seen the water painting, this will be shocked. The paintings that appear in the water are still paintings with a strong three-dimensional sense, even by modern painters. It is hard to imagine that Wu Daozi, Diameter tape measure ,fish measuring tape, more than a thousand years ago, already had such technology, could make paintings that could only appear in water, and did so vividly and vividly. People who saw the painting at the scene had a feeling in their hearts. Any master, can not be belittled, after all, the master is a master, ordinary people can not understand, why the top master is not like a generation of masters can be handed down through the ages, or there is a certain reason. The people around him poked their heads forward. This painting unexpectedly appeared here, only Li Yang and Bai Ming know, others do not know, they also thought that this was arranged before, this time everyone just want to enjoy this painting. Especially those who have not seen and heard of this painting, they will stare at it carefully. Li Yang's painting in the water has already appeared, unlike Gan Jiang Moye and other recent treasures, many people in the circle have long heard of it, not to mention that this painting has also been exhibited in Rongbaozhai. But today is the first time many experts have seen this painting with their own eyes. Everyone stood here, silently watching everything in the water. Even President Huang was no exception. President Huang still had a sense of regret in his heart. If this painting could be in the Palace Museum, he could enjoy it every day. Water painting magic, Bai Ming did not do any explanation, this painting, as long as it is displayed, any language description is pale, far less than everyone to see. A few minutes later, Bai Ming raised his hand again. He received a hint from Li Yang that it was almost time for the exhibition of the paintings in the water, and that it was time for the last exhibit to be unveiled. At this time the time is not early, so many babies enjoy down, the time is almost noon, there are many experts behind have not seen, wasting time is absolutely a shameful act. Ladies and gentlemen, we still have the last exhibit left, please look carefully, the last treasure, I can guarantee, will not let you down, especially friends who like calligraphy, pay more attention! Bai Ming laughed, the red cloth on the wall slowly fell, some people who love calligraphy and painting listened to Bai Ming's painting, forced their attention from the water painting, looked at the wall. For people who love calligraphy and painting, painting in the water is absolutely a fatal attraction, but Bai Ming said too well, today Bai Ming's words did not let you have any disappointment, we will follow his words, look ahead. The red silk fell down, and a scroll hung behind it. This scroll is a copybook, see the first sentence of the copybook, almost all people are stunned there, staring at everything in front of them. This word is enough to attract anyone who sees it for the first time. Even if it is not the first time to see this painting, the same can not resist this attraction, unless you close your eyes not to see,cattle weight tape, but in the face of such a masterpiece, few people can really hold on, to close their eyes to resist this y'yòuhuò. At least Dean Huang didn't do it. tapemeasure.net

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"Shinichi, you must not believe her. You must believe me." Gao Zong turned his head and received a cold arrow from Di Zhen's eyes. He hurriedly expressed his innocence. Gu Xingxian is making sound effects on one side again. Why don't you just shout,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, Your Majesty, you are wronged! "I was wronged. I was very quiet and seldom came here. You see,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, you sent all the supplements, and you were the one who ran away." She had a hard time with him again. Obviously, Stainless Steel Welded Pipe ,mirror stainless steel sheet, she was the one who ran away the most, but she insisted on pulling him out. "I didn't plant the flowers outside for Guan Ju." She raised her eyebrows and pointed to a large sea of flowers in full bloom outside. That's.. A lot of irrefutable evidence was outside, which made Gao's tongue tied and unable to speak. Someone who loves flowers more than beautiful women came to plant them spontaneously, didn't he? She unhurriedly helped him finish the next sentence. Don't make me blacker and blacker! He clutched her mouth, which would kill people, and shouted at her angrily. You won't come back in vain. What's wrong with admitting it generously? She pushed him away and looked at the man with her arms around her chest. I'll be beheaded. You don't want the head, I do. His face had changed, and if he went on, his life would be in danger. Anyway,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, eighteen years later, he will be a hero again. Robbing people is the most important thing. She wants to get people before she gets her head taken off. Heroes are short-lived, and I want to be a long-lived villain. Gao Zong shook his head. He cherishes life very much. She is bad ask in his ear again: "When a small person that adores boss wife?" "Masaichi's big palm suddenly clapped heavily on the table and glared at them viciously." I must sew up your rotten mouth today. Gao put his hands over her mouth. I'm going to break your leg so you can't sneak up here and plant flowers again. Gu Xingxian spoke vaguely in his hand and kicked him with both feet. sxthsteel.com