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Steamed stuffed buns with vegetables beat the dog Full-time Job

Nov 11th, 2022 at 11:03   Independent & Freelance   Calangute   107 views Reference: 21
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Gou Sichen took Cai Bao into the box, put her on the inside of the table, and sat down outside, blocking Cai Bao to death. She kept holding Cai Bao's hand and forbade her to move. This is nothing, but the key is, in this way, Cai Bao sat beside Meng Yue, Cai Bao eyes unconsciously glanced at him, coldly can not see any likes and dislikes. She heard Gou Sichen say that Meng Yuezhi was a neat freak. Didn't he object to sitting beside him? Gou Sichen slightly squinted at Cai Bao and Meng Yuezhi, with a slight smile on his lips, but not naturally, but the seats had been arranged, and he could not say anything more. Let's introduce it. It was Xiao Yufei who first broke some strange silence and took the lead in saying. "Hello, Miss Xiao. My name is Xun Si, and this is Cai Bao." Gou Sichen came to his senses and said with a smile. Hello, Miss Cai, my name is Xiao Yufei. Xiao Yufei ignored Gou Sichen, but first greeted Cai Bao, who was sitting on one side staring at her. Cai Bao a tremor, what is called Yingying a smile, what is called red lips shellfish teeth ah, rare but also generous, natural not affectation,ball valve manufacturer, Meng Yuezhi still has a vision. But why do you always think that people like Meng Yuezhi will not take the initiative to love a person? They don't know how to know each other. How about their feelings? I don't know how Miss Xiao dealt with Meng Yuezhi's reticence? "Miss Cai?" Xiao Yufei deepened her smile again and said with a slight doubt. Cai Bao came to his senses and smiled sheepishly. "Don't call me Miss. I'm not Miss. Miss Xiao can call me Cai Bao." "Little steamed stuffed bun, don't look silly. In fact, don't you look good when you dress up?" Gou Sichen stroked Cai Bao's hair, did not expect the appearance of some yellow and scattered hair, feel quite good, he as a good thing, to help her straighten out some of the subtle knots. Cai Bao was quite speechless about today's ugly man, but in front of Xiao Yufei and Meng Yuezhi,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, she didn't want to make any radical moves, so she just hid and let Gou Sichen do it. Miss Cai's name is really good. I don't know how to write it. When Xiao Yufei saw Gou Sichen's movements, her heart was blocked, but her face was not exposed. She showed the gentle style of a lady, and the elegant smile on her lips almost made Cai Bao unable to hear that she was satirizing herself. Cai Bao paused slightly, dipped his finger in some tea, and reached out to write down his name in front of Xiao Yufei. Little steamed stuffed bun, your handwriting has improved again. Gou Sichen said softly to one side. Cai Bao gave him a horizontal look, although do not understand today's ugly man is how to return a responsibility, but after all is praised, but also in her proud things, naturally some happy. Xiao Yufei covered her mouth with a smile and said nothing, but beckoned the waiter outside to change a cup of tea for Cai Bao. Cai Bao was stabbed by this small detail, for the first time gave birth to the initiative to provoke the meaning, but Meng Yuezhi here, if they find the woman in front of the trouble will not be very good? Let's take a look at Miss Xiao's background first. He rolled his eyes and said, stainless steel tube fitting ,tube fitting manufacturer, "Why doesn't Mr. Meng introduce Miss Xiao?" Meng Yuezhi's eyes slowly glanced over, Cai Bao could not help but be startled, the deep pupil, like the frozen lake in winter, even if cut through the upper ice floes, the bottomless water below, still cold and biting. She originally thought that Meng Yuezhi could not speak, but he opened his mouth lightly: "Xiao Yufei, Prime Minister Xiao's palm bead, disciple of Mount Emei, the most talented woman in Jianghu." "I'm flattered by Mr. Meng.". The love of the people in Jianghu for Yufei, Meng Gongzi also spoke out, but Yufei was particularly embarrassed. Xiao Yufei covered her lips and smiled shyly. Cai Bao slightly pulled the stiff corners of the mouth, the ancients said, know yourself and know the enemy, but did the ancients say that after knowing the situation of the other side, there may be a retreat, do not want to fight at all? But why do you think Meng Yuezhi and the woman in front of him are so polite? Instead, he looked at the ugly man who was not normal around him. Could it be that this was actually a complicated love triangle? I don't know what the relationship between them is? Cai Bao's eyes slowly swept over the three of them, and when he saw Gou Sichen's gentle look back, he felt a chill all over. Could it be that the ugly man failed in love, so he wanted to use himself to vent his anger? But Miss Xiao won't be angry with herself, will she? Weird. She, Cai Bao, smelled the smell of adultery. If it is true that Xiao Yufei's intuition of jealousy was noticed when it was added. Could it be that Xiao Yufei likes an ugly man? But Meng Yuezhi insisted on marrying Xiao Yufei, and the ugly man took into account the affection of brothers, thinking of the ancients said that brothers are like brothers, women are like clothes, so he wanted to give up the pursuit of beauty, which deceived himself, very gentle to himself, wanted to misunderstand the Xiao beauty in front of him, let her give up on him, and was willing to marry Meng Yuezhi? What a big gossip! Do you want to be so bloody? Cai Bao's first reaction was to look at Meng Yuezhi. His eyes were filled with sympathy unconsciously. This time, even Meng Yuezhi noticed her eyes and looked at her coldly. She did not shrink and shift: Poor guy, he lost to an ugly man. Meng Yuezhi frowned, the sympathy and desolation in Cai Bao's eyes were too obvious, he. Some can't bear it. When Gou Sichen saw the two of them looking at each other "affectionately", he coughed lightly and called the waiter at the door to serve the food. The food came up very quickly. Gou Sichen was busy putting all kinds of food into Cai Bao's bowl. He turned Cai Bao's head over and pressed it in front of the bowl: "Come on, little steamed stuffed bun, eat more. I just held your waist without any meat." Cai Bao endured the pain to cooperate, did not expect the ugly man to have such loyalty, alas, for the happiness of Meng Yuezhi, she Cai Bao also sacrificed to cooperate with the ugly man, as long as Xiao Yufei does not go too far, she will not haggle with her. But how could Xiao Yufei let Cai Bao go so easily? "Mr. Xun is really kind. He is so careful to Miss Cai." Unexpectedly with kindness? The implication is that Gou Sichen is taking care of a beggar. Cai Bao told himself countless times to endure, to endure, to deal with the dishes in the bowl, but the ugly man is endless ah,brass tube fitting, kept piling up, is to choke himself? The dish is never below the level of the bowl. This is definitely an opportunity for revenge. Xiao Baozi, this is your favorite amber pigeon egg. chinaroke.com

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