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Sixty native heroine life record Full-time Job

Nov 11th, 2022 at 10:49   Real Estate   Canacona   76 views Reference: 4
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The man said all this, if she did not have the system to exist, I am afraid she would think that the other party was talking in his sleep. But now that she has such a magical thing, what is impossible? The only thing that makes Lin Duoduo confused is whether she wrote in the book before that that her man would have any adventures? If you don't understand something, you have to ask the system at this time. System, do you know the reason? Is this the same book that it showed itself when it first bound the system? "Ahem!" The system coughs twice and lies to its own host, which is also forced. Yes, by that man, chirp.. It's not easy to make a system these days. Hum, no! It is simply that the core inside has been replaced by a big man in the stars who can't be provoked. Learned the human to clear his throat before saying: "The other side is the male protagonist of this parallel world, um..". Anything is possible. According to the situation of the other party, he should have awakened the same spiritual power as Wang Lan. Lin Duoduo Wen Yan unexpectedly looked at the man, did not expect her man, unexpectedly had such a tall power, with the other side, she was afraid of what Wang Lan wearing a book with a woman. When Luo Zhenheng saw that the little woman believed it, there was a touch of cunning in his eyes, but it was soon hidden by the master,wire nail machine manufacturers, so fast that people could not see it. When he blinked again, his eyes showed the appearance of seeking comfort: "Duoduo, do you think I have mutated?" Lin Duoduo Wen Yan, feel it is necessary to appease the next man, suddenly more of these magical things for who, who can not accept,Coil nail machine, difficult for men. Her expression became very soft! But what is this kind look like looking at the younger generation? This is definitely Luo Zhenheng's illusion, yes! Illusion. It's all right. I had something to tell you. I didn't know how to say it, but I didn't expect you to speak first. "What is it?" Luo Zhenheng shook the little woman's tender little hand and pretended not to understand. (System: You scheming boy) Lin Duoduo told the man about her space system, only to hide the unknown existence of the system. Mainly for fear of scaring the other party.. Luo Zhenheng knew that the other side did not tell him the existence of the system, but he did not care at all, because he knew that the other side's idea must be the same as his own. Surprised, he said, "I didn't think there was such a thing. My daughter-in-law is awesome." Luo Zhenheng is proud of his face. That's what you call awesome. I only care about planting things, which is not as good as you. She couldn't help muttering, and Lin Duoduo had to admit that she was envious. In my heart, you are the most powerful. The man said touching love words and kissed her chattering mouth. Everything is quiet, only the system locked up in a small dark room feels hopeless! Don't look at indecent assault. Why do you want to scatter dog food in front of its system? You will be full when you eat dog food. Hiccup ~ The system feels that it does not need to replenish its energy because it has already done so. Because there is a systematic space for the sake of each other a burst of horse, the black market transactions more smoothly, wire nail making machine ,wire nail machine manufacturers, originally do not know the situation, to take into account the other side. Now that everything has been talked about, it is naturally much smoother. Considering that Lin Duoduo has now become a full warehouse, the two decided to sell some on the black market, at this time of course need to use Yao Laijin. The next morning, Luo Zhenheng took Yao Laijin to his home and took him to the basement of his home. There is no spare room in the Luo family, but fortunately there is a basement, which is just used at this time. Yao Laijin was called to his home by his partner and looked puzzled. This is not the appointed time. The key is that the trading place is still at the other party's home. But when he was led to the basement, everything he wanted to say was blocked. What the fuck Yao Laijin couldn't help but want to use foul language. He felt it was not true and slapped himself. It hurts! Guess what he saw? Several sacks of white flour, which are fine grains, were placed there at random by the owner, and the flour on the ground was sprinkled with a layer, his heart ~ There was a lot of pork and chicken and apples hanging around, which filled almost half of the basement. What is this concept? How can Yao Laijin not know it in his heart. Before the cooperation, he knew that the other party was very capable, otherwise he would not have chosen him as his partner, but Yao Laijin never thought that the other party would give him such a big surprise. The surprise came too suddenly and almost turned into a shock! Yao Laijin is more than thirty years old, and he has seen the storm, but he is not as frightened as he is at the moment. He touched the flour bag and looked at the meat in the basket, smiling from ear to ear. His voice was trembling: "Brother Luo, how can you get so many good things like that?" Luo Zhenheng leaned against the wall lazily, looking very imposing: "This time I found a market, but you still don't believe in my ability." A listen to this is obviously do not want to say more, Yao Laijin also do not want to ask for no fun, no matter how he thinks can not guess where the other side is the market. But the truth he had always believed in was to know what he should know and not know what he should not know. Nothing is more important to him than these things in the basement! Because there were too many things, Yao Laijin could not take them, so Luo Zhenheng decided to send them with the other party. Lin Duoduo also wanted to follow, but was stopped by the man. With him, it's impossible for a little woman to take risks. Luo home in the family room, surrounded by neighbors know people, Luo Zhenheng to find a cart, those things covered with hogweed, do not leak a gap. Wait until dark time, take advantage of the night to have Luo family lookout, plus Luo Zhenheng uses the spirit power to detect finally had a near miss in the past. Song Dongxia and Luo Fu also breathed a sigh of relief, just been called out of the house by their own son, only to see the family came, more strange is that they actually know nothing. Then he was told by his son to resell and seek their help. Just then, they saw the grain in the basement and wondered when they had seen so many things. Only then did they know how big their son had done, but what could they do? The other side is the son can not beat,Automatic Nail Making Machine, scold can not scold, can only help! In this way, the formal workers in the two factories are also involved. 3shardware.com

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