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Shenzuo _ Huangfuqi _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

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Evil Luo's eyes were full of fierce light, and he said bitterly. Don't say that yet. If you want to kill it, it's a matter of the future. I have a bad feeling that we seem to have fallen very far this time! Cried Dian Wei, his eyes twinkling. He doesn't know yet that this is another "big world." Don't worry about this matter. The night is long and the dream is many. The command of the son of God is superior to everything. Find the boy first, kill him directly, and carry the head back. Let's talk about the rest later. Burn Yu Dao. And Lin Xi is different, Lin Xi is still uncertain, burning Yu, Dian Wei, evil Luo three people are not alive. But Fen Yu is absolutely sure that Lin Xi is alive. The spiritual imprint left by the "Son of God" on Lin Xi has long been handed over to them. Burning Yu can undoubtedly feel the existence of Lin Xi. It's really a disaster. How can this boy's life be so hard. You won't die like this. Burning Yu in the heart some unwilling to think, a wave, loudly way: "Come on, I've found the boy's trace." "Whew!" In the deafening sonic boom, the three of them dragged a long wave of air and drove the light fairy beast in the direction of Lin Xi. Ouch! ——” In the endless storm, the three vertical light fairy beasts shouted louder. ……………… On the other side, Lin Xi hid in the mouth of the Leng Yan woman and went to her palace. Along the way, Lin Xi also heard some news. This Leng Yan woman is called "Li Xueji", who is a casual disciple of Storm World called "Storm Lao Zu". Although he is a casual practitioner, he is a strong man in the realm of immortality. The two disciples he received in his life were Li Xueji and the man in Xuanyi who was killed by Lin Xi. Two people aptitude is not bad,stainless steel needle valve, it is a pity to bump into the hand of Lin Xi. From Li Xueji's hand, Lin Xi also found out some secrets of "Storm World". People in this world, unlike the great world of immortals, are born to be "the body of the storm", so they practice the unique learning of the wind system and the space system, which is a terrible mess. Of course, there are gains and losses, and other departments are not so good at learning. Although they are only good at the unique learning of wind and space,38 needle valve, the people in this world can not be underestimated. The wind system is just that, but the unique learning of the space system is to tear the void, which is similar to Lin Xi's "smashing". Only from Lin Xi's "Smash" can be seen, a strong man who practices the space system to the peak, how terrible it will be! In fact, in this world, the dominant position is those who are good at space science. They are the pinnacle of the whole world. In addition, there are many powerful sects in the storm world, the most powerful of which is called "Taiyi Sect", in which there are countless strong people in the realm of immortals, the most powerful of which is said to have surpassed the realm of immortals and reached a more mysterious realm. Tai Yi Zong, why is it so similar to Tai yuan Palace? A large number of strong immortals? Don't take it lightly! Lin Xi also secretly reminded him in his heart. There are all kinds of strange things in the world. Although the "Great World of Storm" is not recorded in the classics, it is not necessarily under the "Great World of Immortal Way". Arrive Is asking, 14 tube fitting ,14 needle valve, Li Xueji body a shake, suddenly fell to the ground. Little _ Say _ txt Heaven Chapter 829 hidden breath. Appeared in front of Lin Xi, is a huge crystal palace. But unlike what Lin Xi knows, the Crystal Palace is not on the ground, but underground, as if it were embedded in the ground. It's a storm after all, and we don't care, but the building can't stand it. So, almost all of our houses in Storm World are underground or in caves. Otherwise, like Taiyi Palace, another parallel space will be created. Li Xueji knew that Lin Xi was from another world, and for this insignificant little thing, he was satisfied as much as possible, so as not to offend him and suffer himself. No wonder when I was in the sky, I couldn't see it at first sight. I just feel like there's nothing on the ground. Lin Xi is also secretly looking at everything here. There is no doubt that this underground crystal palace contains a lot of wind elements, which are integrated with the ubiquitous storms. From the sky alone, you can't see anything, but you feel that everything is the same. What about your city? Is there no city, or is it all underground? Lin Xi asked. A single dwelling can be on the ground and underground, but the city is hard to say. Lin Xi knows very little about the world, and the more he knows, the more convenient it is for him to be in the world. Small villages, all underground. The big city, of course, is on the ground. Although the storm was severe, it was not impossible to cope with it. A huge quarantine will do. But none of us monks like this kind of conspicuous thing. Li Xueji said lightly. In the process of dealing with Lin Xi, she gradually found out something. Although she said it carelessly. All questions are answered. But in fact, I am also trying to figure out something about Lin Xilai's world through what I have said. For example, Lin Xi was surprised to see the building underground, there is no doubt that Lin Xi came to the world, the building is on the ground. Others, by analogy, know little, but they are always a little bit of prying. Master In the underground crystal palace, two comely maidservants saw Li Xueji appear and immediately bowed. Uh. You go down. Li Xueji waved her hand and went straight in. Even though it's casual practice. But Li Xueji this kind of strong person in the "storm big world" is also quite famous, the six fruit saint king's cultivation is also enough for her to gather some forces. In the corner of the crystal and in the room, there are Li Xueji's servants, all of whom are six to seven levels of Qi refining. Although the realm is not high. But the breath of wind elements is extremely strong. Without Lin Xi's command, Li Xueji took the initiative to reject these people one by one. Even she can't deal with Lin Xi, let alone these servants. Found Lin Xi rashly, the result is just a dead end. Into the depths of the underground crystal palace, there are also things above the barrier, Li Xueji directly in a cushion such as frost fur recliner sat down, Liu Mei a Yang,38 tube fitting, direct way: "Come out, you don't want to be in my mouth all the time, do you?" Whoosh!. chinaroke.com

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