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Rui Wang's favorite wife is daily Full-time Job

Nov 11th, 2022 at 10:53   Public Service   Calangute   94 views Reference: 13
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Wen Shi was stupefied for a moment, this knowledge of walking around can be big, generally go out with their own daughter, who has nothing to do with a concubine, the rules of good learning can also be praised by others magnanimous, that the rules are not good, the loss of face is also the mother's face. Jiang Kui in the end is still younger, after listening to the old lady's words, is no matter how steady also can not suppress the face of joy, Wen Shi himself is a concubine, how can not think of her mind. Jiang Kui is still clever, Wen Shi thought of Jane these days, he married to this Wei Guogong mansion, usually go back not to respect their own mother, who do not want to let others poke the spine. Wen took one look at Jiang Kui and said, "That's exactly what my daughter-in-law meant. But she hasn't been out of the house very much, and Ah Chien is a reckless person. I have to ask Ah Yun and Ah Zheng to take care of them." When she said this, her face was light, and Jiang Yun thought that she had never given her a good look since she had asked someone to throw Jiang Jian into the water, but now she had said such a thing. The old lady said happily,plastic pallet bins, "a family should be happy." When the old lady saw that Jiang Yun was eating, as if she had not heard what she said, she called her over and took her by the hand and asked, "Are you going to the palace on the first day of the Lunar New Year?" Jiang Yun replied, "Your Highness, King Rui, please go over and pay your respects to the Empress Dowager." The Empress Dowager loved to be lively, and at this time it was the Empress Defei who took the order and ordered her subordinates to hold a banquet in the side hall of the Yongshou Palace. The empresses and masters in the palace all went to the Yongshou Palace to have a meal,ibc spill containment pallet, talking and laughing. Because your majesty is now unfortunate harem, the prince's position is stable, the empress masters are also guarding their own one mu three parts of the land to live, and then visit the door on weekdays, anyway do not have to compete for favor. The empress Dowager also felt that her majesty had an unfortunate harem, and that the masters had spent their best years in the palace, so she treated them very kindly, and had more shares than the concubines of the late emperors. The empress in the palace was now living comfortably. In the words of the silly elder sister of Empress Lan Pin, she lived the life of a toffee ahead of time. It is said that the palace is the most cannibalistic. When Jiang Yun was in the palace, he looked at that day, which was much simpler than today's Weiguogongfu. Old Lady Jiang said, "You grew up in the palace when you were a child, and you used to go there. Grandmother didn't say much about the rules." Jiang Yun nodded his head. The next day, when Cheng Wenyou went to pay his respects to the Empress Dowager, plastic bulk containers ,plastic pallet manufacturer, there was also a room full of concubines, and the concubines who usually hid in the house and did not come out very much also came out. As soon as Liu Zhaoyi saw Cheng Wenyou leading Jiang Yun over, she said with a smile, "The golden boy and the jade girl are really the golden boy and the jade girl." Empress De Fei burst out laughing and said, "You're a golden boy and a jade girl now. Who used to say that King Rui was like a loving father when he saw him with Ah Yun?" Liu Zhaoyi called De Fei Empress to expose on the spot, and did not feel embarrassed, but waved to Jiang Yun to go over. Jiang Yun knelt on the ground in front of her and saluted. Liu Zhaoyi took her little hand. The little girl was also the one she had seen since she was a child. There was no girl in the palace. Cheng Wenyue wanted his sister all day long. Liu Zhaoyi looked at Jiang Yun and felt more and more happy. Liu Zhaoyi sighed and said, "Ah Yun is so nice. He is good-looking and obedient. If only my Ah Yue could be lucky enough to marry such a good daughter-in-law." Jiang Yun asked Liu Zhaoyi to praise him. "Are you still unreasonable?" Said the Imperial Concubine with a smile. "Ah Yun was raised by King Rui." "I didn't see it before," said Liu Zhaoyi. "Now the more I look at these two, the more I feel they are a good match. After all, they were raised by themselves." Liu Zhaoyi sighed with emotion, then turned to the Empress Dowager and said half jokingly, "The Empress Dowager has a wise eye to see which one has a good girl for her concubines. She also asks Ah Yue to raise one." The Empress Dowager said with a smile, "If Ah Yue raises one later, two people can lift the roof of your Qixiang Palace. When the time comes, I'm afraid you'll come here to cry again.". ” Speaking of Cheng Wenyue, Liu Zhaoyi was in an even better mood. He raised his eyebrows and said, "You don't know. Our seven princes went into the palace yesterday to pay their respects to me. I heard his voice from a long distance away. I didn't see anyone. When I looked carefully, I found him lying on the ground beside the door. I wanted to ask him what happened. Even on the first day of the Lunar New Year, he couldn't make such a big gift." He suddenly got up from the ground, pointed at his face and asked me if I was disfigured. The queen mother's tears were about to burst out laughing, and the female officer beside her wiped her with a veil. "That's because my sister's threshold is too high," said Lan Pin. "It's time to lower it." Lan Pin is a warm-hearted, last time with Liu Zhaoyi said to introduce her daughter-in-law called Liu Zhaoyi to refuse, this will be mentioned again. Liu Zhaoyi smacked her lips and said, "I don't have a high threshold there. Just find someone who knows courtesy and can control Ah Yue." Then he sighed and said, "I still think King Rui has foresight. He has raised a clever wife. We, Ah Yue.." Alas. When Liu Zhaoyi said this, he did not expect that two days later his son would take a polite little girl to her side. Chapter 54. "Sister," said Lan Pin, "the threshold is not high. When King Rui raised Ah Yun, Ah Yun was only one year old. Now the seven princes are all old enough to marry a daughter-in-law. When will the seven princes be able to marry a daughter-in-law? When the seven princes are not in a hurry, the elder sister should be in a hurry. As she spoke, she looked at the Empress De Fei and said, "Sister De Fei, are your six princes taking good care of her?" There was a niece in her family, who looked like a flower, and wanted to say a good family for her niece. She had no son of her own, and now the six princes and the seven princes were old enough to be said to be close. She was not in the mood, nor did she think about whether people could see her niece, so she wanted to pull the red line. Empress De Fei covered her face with a veil and said to the Empress Dowager, "Empress Dowager, take a look at Sister Lan Pin. Would you like to send her out to be an official matchmaker? She is in charge of pulling the red line for people." All the concubines in the room laughed. The concubine shook her handkerchief and muttered, "Oh, really,collapsible pallet bin, what's so funny about that?" Liu Zhaoyi hugged Jiang Yun in her arms and asked someone to take a delicate gold ingot purse and hand it to Jiang Yun. Jiang Yun happily took it and looked up and said with a smile, "Thank you, Empress Zhaoyi." binpallet.com

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