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Red Lips and Blood Marks-Cao Ruobing _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

Nov 11th, 2022 at 11:14   Marketing & Communication   Cavelossim   100 views Reference: 33
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He felt that the red bean witch's beautiful eyes, like the mouth of a volcano, kept spraying incomparable light and heat, which made people irresistible. At the foot, his head was lower. At this time, the red bean witch looked out of the cave, with a sound like a dream. Yin said, "When I became sensible, I followed my mother, Qiqiaopo." Living in Liupan Mountain's "100 taboos", carefree.. " Yue Lin was startled. "So you're Qiqiaopo's palm bead?" He asked. Red bean witch only nodded, and then said: "." I have been practicing martial arts with seven sisters since I was a child. Although my mother loves me, she is not partial to me in terms of martial arts. She is extremely strict.. Yue Lin knew that what she said was true and said from the bottom of his heart, "The girl's skill is really extraordinary. If it hadn't been for Lei Ming's attempt to perish together, the girl would never have been calculated by him." Although Yue Lin spoke from the bottom of his heart, he expected that the Red Bean Witch's jade face would turn red and her pink neck would droop. For a long time, she was silent. When Yue Lin saw her face full of shame, he seemed to deeply regret his slip of the tongue and opened his mouth to say something, but he finally refrained from saying anything. The Red Bean Witch looked up with a smile and said with a sigh, "I don't blame you,plastic packaging tube, because I was ruthless. I didn't expect to be plotted against. I was really hunting geese all day long, but I was pecked in the eye by geese." Yue Lin wanted to say something to comfort her, but he didn't know where to start. He was searching for the withered intestines when he heard the Red Bean Witch sigh and continue: "More than two years ago, when I was sixteen years old, my mother called me to the Chamber of Secrets and passed me a set of mental methods and skills. I stayed in the Chamber of Secrets and stayed indoors for several years until I achieved something with the set of mental methods and skills that my mother passed on to me." Mother just let me out of that secret room. After a brief pause, as if recalling the past, she murmured, "But not long after,plastic packing tube, on a stormy night, my mother brought back a middle-aged Confucian scholar in his forties from outside and helped him take away my virginity." When she said this, she looked excited and full of hatred. Yue Lin secretly surprised, for Qiqiaopo such a practice, deeply ashamed, and in front of the red bean witch, it is not easy to express. Just then, the Red Bean Witch looked very excited and said bitterly, "From then on, I began to hate men. In the past year, more than three hundred men with names have died in my hands.." Yue Lin suddenly felt a chill in his heart. Although his lower body had lost the power to move, his upper body could not help rushing forward. He looked angry and said, "You are as beautiful as a flower, but unexpectedly you are so cruel and vicious. If the young master hadn't been calculated by your plot, custom cosmetic packing ,plastic laminated tube, he would have killed you today and avenged the dead man!" The Red Bean Witch said indignantly, "If a person does something wrong, doesn't he even have a chance to repent?" Yue Lin was stunned. "Yes," he said to himself! If a person does something wrong, As long as he knows his mistakes and is willing to correct them, he should be given a chance to turn over a new leaf. Seeing that he kept silent, the Red Bean Witch sighed lightly and said, "All the people in the world have been born. Is it true that someone has never made a mistake in his life?"? I don't know As far as I know and see, there is almost no one who is flawless, but they will use high-sounding reasons to make people feel right, and then they will use clever words to make others feel wrong.. Yue Lin listened and thought carefully, feeling that there was some truth in her words, but he did not understand why such a gentle and affectionate girl could do such poisonous things as snakes and scorpions? As his anger faded, he began to sympathize with her. "Didn't you feel anything when you killed those people?" He said to her. The Red Bean Witch nodded and said, "Whenever I kill someone, I feel a little regretful, but when I meet another man, I can't control myself. You don't know how much temptation I feel when I am eager and satisfied."? I will be those pretentious men. They play in the palm of their hands, and when they have given everything, they die of exhaustion at the most soul-destroying moment. ” At this point, she looked very depressed. She kept silent for a moment and then said, "At first, I was full of fun and excitement. But after a long time, I felt more and more regretful and guilty. I wanted to change myself, but I lacked the courage and strength. So I wasted time and hid myself more and more deeply. Finally, I couldn't extricate myself until.." Until Yue Lin has been staring at her, face, dark and uncertain, listening to her say to the end, secretly hope that she has an adventure, to change her life. The Red Bean Witch laughed and said, "I can't tell why. I just feel that you can help me and give me strength so that I can reach the other shore early in the sea of suffering." Yue Lin was tongue-tied and could not speak. The Red Bean Witch's eyes were shining with the light of prayer. "Are you so stingy to a weak woman?" She asked faintly. Yue Lin thought of her kindness to himself and had no reason to refuse. For a moment, he was silent. The Red Bean Witch looked at Yue Lin plaintively and said, "Do you know that since I met you, I have changed my original behavior. I even disobeyed my mother's orders and gave up the martial arts that can be respected for a while.." When Yue Lin heard this, he hurriedly asked, "What kind of martial arts can be respected for a time?" The Red Bean Witch said, "It's the'Tiangang Divine Skill 'left by the Yellow Emperor. If you want to practice this skill, you must absorb the essence and blood of 360 strong men, and then practice it in seclusion. After 360 days, you can tell Dacheng. However, the ghost sent God to meet you when there was only one person left. I can't help it. Not only can I not bear to attack you, but I also secretly follow you all the way.." She said this in one breath, looking at Yue Lin affectionately and watching the reaction quietly. Yue Lin suddenly remembered something. "Why did your mother do that to you?" He asked. The Red Bean Witch shook her head and sighed, "I didn't know at first, but then I realized that Niang did that to please the middle-aged man and to cause my hatred for men in order to kill people and practice martial arts!" Yue Lin shook his head. "Who is that middle-aged man?" He asked. On the jade dimple of the Red Bean Witch,eye cream packaging tube, she suddenly showed the color of resentment and said, "The demon with a smiling face!" "What?" Asked Yue Lin, startled? Smiling demon ?” emptycosmetictubes.com

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