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President Behind the Scenes: Good Pregnant Moms 1 + 1 Full-time Job

Nov 11th, 2022 at 10:53   Real Estate   Cavelossim   211 views Reference: 12
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"I hate you, hate you." The waves drowned Xintong's hatred. She looked at the huge waves flying overhead in despair and closed her eyes. Rukin tugged hastily at his pants, and this time no one could stop him. He was frantically trying to achieve what he had always dreamed of, making her little body shake like a storm. Lu Jin squeezed Xintong's legs and was about to rush in frantically when a big wave hit the boat, and after a loud noise, the boat was smashed. "Xin Tong." It was the last sound that the heart child heard. She opened her eyes and saw a pair of lustful eyes showing a feeling of panic. He gradually moved away from the heart child and finally disappeared from the heart child's sight. Then her body broke away from the debris of the boat and sank into the sea. She was sinking steadily, surrounded by the crystal and rolling water, rushing crazily towards her eyes, nose and mouth. She could not breathe, and the struggle became futile, but she smiled, and she finally got rid of a predicament that she could not bear, that is, being raped again. It was better to end her life completely than to accept the pain. Her body was still down, and she stretched out her limbs,plastic pallet price, and the downward trend continued. In the darkening sea, she seemed to see a man. He smiled playfully and his eyes were shining. Who was that? She shook her head desperately, it was Szeto Ye, how could it be him. Szeto Ye's image is rippling in the sea, and his mouth is moving, as if to say. Why won't you stay? At least she's alive. No She doesn't want to live in humiliation like that. Heart child shook her head,secondary containment pallet, she would rather sink, would rather die. "Xin Tong.." I can't live without you It was a sorrowful call. Shuixintong's closed eyes suddenly opened. She saw a big hand in the glittering sea. Was it his? Yes, it was his, and he was reaching out to her as hard as he could. "Xin Tong, hold me, I can't lose you." Is it true that he can't lose her? The desire to live made her blood boil again, and how she longed to hear such a voice. At the last moment, she stretched out her hand desperately and tried to catch the big hand. In fact, what she caught was not Szeto Ye's big hand, but a broken sampan that had been falling with the impact of the huge waves. The sea was still around her, hitting her, collapsible pallet box ,plastic pallet containers, and when she lost consciousness, her ragged clothes hung on the corner of the sampan, and as the sampan rose, it gradually moved away from the bottom of the sea. Shuixintong's head was exposed to the sea with the sampan, undulating in the strong wind. The sea breeze raged for a night and a morning, and stopped at noon. The sea was as calm as a mirror. It was hard to imagine that the sea had torn up a speedboat on the sea. On the calm sea, a cruise ship painted with "Sony Ericsson" sailed slowly in the sea, white and blue. A woman with a white skirt and short hair stood on the bow of the cruise ship, stretching her arms happily, closing her eyes, breathing the fresh air vigorously and enjoying the calm after the storm. A man in a black shirt hugged her affectionately from behind. Honey, is it good to go to sea this time? The woman turned her head and kissed the man on the cheek. Brother Zhongzheng, thank you for bringing me here. The sea is so beautiful after the storm. "As long as you're happy, Min." The man named Zhongzheng turned Xiaomin around, and his lips fell on the delicate lips, kissing her affectionately. "You really, really, make me a bachelor very uncomfortable." Another man in a blue shirt came out of the bottom cabin and looked at them awkwardly. Here comes my brother. Xiaomin shyly pushed Zhongzheng away and turned to run away. The man in the blue shirt was very moderate and rough. He went to the bow of the boat and hit Zhongzheng on the shoulder: "Min Zhongzheng, I hope you don't make my sister pregnant before you get married, or you will look good.". ” Min Zhongzheng has a handsome appearance and a shining spirit between his eyebrows. He likes to go to sea. At least every month, he will go to sea for vacation. This is the first time that he has brought his girlfriend and his girlfriend's brother. Zhou Tingwei, although you are Xiaomin's eldest brother, but also can not talk nonsense, I and Xiaomin are very pure, I only kissed her, the other absolutely did not do. I'm a doctor, and I know that kissing doesn't get a woman pregnant. You don't have any common sense, do you? "Ha ha.." What are you nervous about? When Zhou Tingwei finished, he looked out at the sea, his heavy brows suddenly frowned, and his hands nervously grasped the side of the ship. Zhongzheng, there are people on the sea. "What?" Min Zhongzheng also looked at the sea in the distance. Yes, there was a sampan on the calm sea. The sampan sank and floated in the sea. A man could be seen floating in the sea. Chapter 201 pregnancy Doctor Nan Feng pointed to the sea water and shouted: "You come closer, I will go down to save people!" Zhou Tingwei ran quickly to the cab. He grabbed the driver's steering wheel and headed for the tiny sampan at full speed. "It seems to be a woman. Don't you know she's still alive?" Dr. Nan Feng had taken off his shoes and jumped into the sea. He quickly swam to the sampan and found a long-haired woman beside the sampan. She had no consciousness. Her hair was entangled in her cheeks. She could not see her face clearly. Her clothes were still hanging on the sampan. It was really a big fate. If she hadn't been caught, she would not have had the strength to catch the sampan in such a storm. You're lucky to meet me. As long as you still have breath,plastic pallet crates, I'll save you! He hugged the woman's body, felt the coldness of her body, pulled off the sampan and swam to the cruise ship. Zhou Tingwei pulled Nan Feng and the woman up. How's it going? Are you still alive? "I don't seem to be dead." There should be hope! binpallet.com

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