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Phoenix Man's Boss Road [Quick Pass] Full-time Job

Nov 11th, 2022 at 11:15   Marketing & Communication   Calangute   93 views Reference: 37
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In order to further verify her guess, but also to find a reasonable excuse for his failure, Ouyang Xue has not eaten until now, and finally saw two people come out together. Two people do not have any intimate movements, just walk slowly, like enjoying the scenery along the way, there is no adultery interaction between the expressions. Ouyang Xue immediately had doubts about the result of his YY, is she thinking too much? Overbearing president did not bend, just thought of here, see overbearing president caught off guard in Cheng Chi face kiss. Ouyang Xue: ".." She rubbed her eyes hard and looked over again, only to see Feng Bei go up and kiss Cheng Chi on the face. Ouyang Xue: ".." Her feet are weak and she is numb when squatting. The result was obvious. She was happy and sad, angry and gloating, and her face changed like a palette. In the afternoon, the cruise ship set sail and boarded with Feng Bei. Luo Heng always felt that there were two strange eyes. He suddenly looked at Ouyang Xue and looked at him. Ouyang Xue's eyes were strange. The next moment, he looked away as if nothing had happened. Xiao Ze looked at Feng Bei and Cheng Chi together, his eyes flashed, and he walked over. He raised his hand and put it on Cheng Chi's shoulder: "Cheng Chi, how are you playing these two days?" Hand just put up, like a knife eyes immediately nailed on his arm, as if to put him on Cheng Chi's arm to pierce,naringenin price, see this, Xiao Ze basically identified the object. Feng Bei took Luo Heng's hand off his shoulder and said with displeasure, "Just talk. What are you doing with your shoulders?" Ouyang Xue quietly observed three people, isn't it normal for a man to shoulder to shoulder? How can you take it, but others can't? Look how unhappy you are. Ouyang Xue's heart is still very complicated. Feng Bei is really bent. As soon as he got off the boat and sat in the car, Feng Bei received a phone call. Hello, uncle,akba boswellic acid, what's the matter? Hearing the opposite words, Feng Bei frowned slightly: "This is my business." After a few words, Feng Bei hung up the phone, as if the conversation was very unpleasant. What's the matter? Luo Heng looked gloomy when he answered the phone and asked. Don't worry Hearing Cheng Chi's question, Feng Bei's face was no longer cloudy. He leaned close to his ear and whispered, "Cheng Chi, go to my place to sleep tonight." "Since you invite me so warmly, I'll go." Feng Bei heard the hidden meaning. His face was calm, but his ears were red. He looked at the driver in front of him in the rearview mirror. He felt that someone had seen through his mind. He said angrily, "Assistant Zhang, just concentrate on driving." Assistant Zhang was wronged. He just took a glance at the rearview mirror carelessly. How could he not concentrate on driving. The two went to Feng Bei's residence to fool around for one night. The next morning, Feng Bei urged Luo Heng to go to his company to accompany him. Luo Heng thought that the task was about him and nodded yes. In the office, Luo Heng saw Zhou Xiaoxiao who pushed the door in. Oh, he forgot Zhou Xiaoxiao. Now it seems that his task doesn't need her. President, glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate ,lycopene for skin, here's your coffee. Zhou Xiaoxiao put the hot coffee on the table, peeked at the handsome man who lowered his head and concentrated on his work. He did not know what to think of, and his face turned red. Luo Heng saw this phenomenon surprised, his eyes in the two people around, this is what happened? "Zhou Xiaoxiao looks like a young girl." President, thank you. My mother's operation was successful. Zhou Xiaoxiao looked grateful. Feng Bei was interrupted, his face was unhappy, he looked up and saw Cheng Chi staring at Zhou Xiaoxiao, his face was cold, thinking that Cheng Chi had brought Zhou Xiaoxiao. He raised his eyelids and said impatiently and coldly, "You can go out. Don't come in if you have nothing to do." Zhou Xiaoxiao was at a loss. She just wanted to be grateful to him. Why did she treat her with such an attitude? Her eyes flashed a grievance. In a twinkling of an eye, she saw Cheng Chi beside her. She said happily, "Cheng Chi, I haven't seen you for a long time." "My mother has finished the operation and is recovering well. I would like to invite you to have a meal with the president to thank you." "Luo Heng sees Zhou Xiaoxiao sees him eventually, do not know why to always be ignored, he is not transparent person, so big a person is sitting in the room." Auntie, it's all right. I'm not free today. Maybe next time. When Feng Bei saw them chatting, he said coldly, "Zhou Xiaoxiao, I want to remind you that it's time to go to work now. Don't fish here." Being reprimanded, Zhou Xiaoxiao's bright eyes dimmed for a moment, and she cheered up: "I know, President, I'm going out to work.". "Didn't the president take the initiative to help her? But why is his attitude so bad now? He must be in trouble." ***! Why, you can't bear to see people go? Seal north Yin and Yang strange gas. Luo Heng looked up at him: "No." "I don't care. This Zhou Xiaoxiao has to pack up and leave. Her ability to work is a waste of my salary." "Suit yourself." Luo Heng didn't care much. Feng Bei looked better and said suspiciously, "Really?"? You're not going to blow me up, are you? The last time I told him to leave, you insisted and got mad at me. Really, when did you help her? Look how grateful she is to you. "He asked his secretary to call me and shamelessly asked me for your phone number. Of course, I didn't give it to her. She turned to me to borrow money, so I lent it to him. I was afraid that she would catch you borrowing money again. Don't be so kind. Don't help anyone." In fact, afraid to call Zhou Xiaoxiao, they contact in private, Feng Bei cut off this invisible rival from the root, after all, Cheng Chi was a little special to her before. Luo Heng, who was praised for his kindness: "… …" Afraid he wouldn't believe it, Feng Bei added, "Don't worry. I also asked Secretary Chen to make an IOU and give her a card number. I asked her to repay the loan in installments every month. There is interest. I won't lend it to her in vain." "Don't tell me such a little thing. It's not to borrow my money." Then there was a knock on the door. Come in Feng Beidao. Secretary Chen came in: "President, this is the plan you wanted." "Well, put it down. By the way, pay Zhou Xiaoxiao's salary and let her go." Secretary Chen was surprised: "Is the president going to fire Zhou Xiaoxiao? OK, president,tannic acid astringent, I'll do it right away." "By the end of the day." Feng Bei said the deadline. All right, CEO. CEO, is there anything else? I'm out. "There's nothing else. Go out." prius-biotech.com

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