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Master, break the precepts? Full-time Job

Nov 11th, 2022 at 10:51   Real Estate   Cavelossim   97 views Reference: 7
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"Brother Wei came to Chongyuan City a few months ago." Su Lingnan paused and calmed down. Then he continued to ask, "Why didn't you tell me a few months ago, but you told me at this time?" Do not know whether the weak body has been strong to the limit, Ji Shen frost weak five fingers were closed by her, clenched hard. It seemed that only in this way could she rekindle some of her spirit. Wei Ye is always a man, speaking can not understand the state of mind of the woman's family, "mentioned Wei Ziji, her eyebrows and eyes just laughed," your brother he, sometimes a very careless person.. " But why say it now? Ji Shen Shuang did not know how long he could hold out. These words have to be more acceptable to women. Ji Shenshuang blinked, in order not to let Su Lingnan worry, changed a new speech: "I have been unable to find the right time to tell you, only to delay today.." "A Nan, you don't hate your brother," Ji Shen frost soft and delicate fingertips gently to pull her cuff, tone with a little plea: "Wei Ye he.. For you In the city of Yangzhou, many Jishitang were built to adopt homeless girls. "He just hopes to see you again one day." Su Lingnan clenched his fist. She hates. It's not that I hate Wei Ziji, nor that I hate Ji Shenshuang. But hate the fate of this many twists and turns. Sister.. "Su Lingnan voice suddenly choked, two beautiful eyes can not help but tears,metal stamping parts, trembling way:" Why not find me earlier? " If the previous life can find her earlier, she does not have to have the entanglement with Jiang Xuanli, will not have those grudges past events. Although the children of Jianghu live in darkness, most of them can't see the light, but she will be relaxed and happy with her brother who protects her. She and Jiang Xuanli could have lived in their own worlds and not disturbed each other. But just.. The fate is full of frustrations Ji Shenshuang used up his last ounce of strength and hugged Su Lingnan kindly from behind. That hug, like a friend, like a relative,car radiator cap, also has the warmth of a mother. Nan, Master Wei will protect you from now on.. "Later.." Ji Shen Shuang's voice gradually disappeared, and the jade hands became colder and colder. Su Lingnan could feel the warm embrace, which was getting colder and colder. She hurriedly turns head, at this time Ji Shen frost completely fainted to the ground, the complexion is pale unusual. Su Lingnan opened his eyes wide and crouched down to help Ji Shen Shuang. "Somebody!" He shouted anxiously! Go to the doctor! When Wei Ziji left, he specially arranged for the doctor with the best medical skills in Chongyuan City to live in Wei's house, in order to facilitate the treatment of Ji Shenshuang. The doctor's medical skill is limited, Wei Ziji also did not hold the extravagant hope that can cure, only asked the doctor to let Ji Shen frost hold out a little longer, hold out until he came back. Su Lingnan waited anxiously outside the door until three hours later, when the doctor came out of the house. The doctor's expression was very complicated. He frowned and sighed heavily. "I used a silver needle to discharge a little of the congestion in my wife's body. It can be delayed for a day.." "What happened to Sister Ji?" Su Lingnan was very anxious. The doctor subconsciously glanced at Su Lingnan and said haltingly, "Madam knows her condition." Su Lingnan is angry, Magnetic Drain Plug ,Stainless steel foundry, one is not calm, the fist beat up, "she is like this, you still do not say clearly?" The doctor is feeling his red and swollen mandible bone, grievance way: "It is madam, madam does not let say.." "At that time, my wife had a miscarriage, so I didn't let anyone say." The doctor clenched his lower lip and his eyes showed some pity. "Madam drank the abortion medicine mixed with poison." "But what is the poison, is not yet known," the doctor carefully glanced at Su Lingnan out of the corner of his eye, "Madam's body is weak, dare not easily use drugs, afraid to get unbearable bite back." "Miss Su, madam should wake up soon. You'd better go in and talk to her more.." Su Lingnan was somewhat difficult to accept for a while. This brother and sister-in-law, who were very kind to her, even if they were weak, had to support themselves and comb her hair like her mother. Su Lingnan touched the smooth bun, did not hold back, hiding in the corner secretly cried a few times. She calmed down and walked back into the house. By this time, Ji Shen Shuang had already woken up, but his body was so weak that he had been lying down and had no strength to turn over. "Sister," Su Lingnan shook his head and said, "No, it's sister-in-law." Ji Shenshuang gently lifted her pale lips and murmured softly, "I haven't married Master Wei yet. I'm not your real sister-in-law." "Maybe in the future, there will be a sister-in-law who really worships heaven and earth with Master Wei.." Although Ji Shen Shuang had a smile on his face, as if he didn't care, his eyes were dim, and his inner depression was slightly revealed. Su Lingnan gazed at her meaningfully. Afraid of talking too much and making her unhappy, she lay on the edge of the bed and listened. Ji Shenshuang's tired eyes suddenly showed a little spirit. She whispered to herself, "What I want most in my life is to marry Master Wei." A pair of Danfeng eyes full of vicissitudes of life tossed and turned, and finally fell on the ray of indifferent sunshine outside the window. She clenched her lower lip and choked up in her voice: "Master Wei is really great..". I I don't deserve.. "You don't think too much," Su Lingnan looked up, raised an unnatural smile, sank his heart, and comforted him: "When Brother Wei comes back, everything will be all right." The author has something to say: Sister Ji, I like this character very much. Chapter 55 Chapter 55 "Plum blossoms fall to the ground, beautiful and cold." ————————————— Su Lingnan accompanied Ji Shenshuang for a whole night. Ji Shenshuang's body was weak and weak, leaning on the head of the pear flower bed. She was delicate and weak, so thin that her back was almost fleshless, her ribs were protruding,car radiator cap, and she had been leaning on the head of the pear flower bed for a long time, which was painful. Su Lingnan put a soft pillow on her coccyx, while he put his soft body against her weak body. autoparts-dx.com

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