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Korean wave strategy Full-time Job

Nov 11th, 2022 at 11:04   Independent & Freelance   Calangute   69 views Reference: 23
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"Jun Pyo, open the door, we're back." Park Jae-beom shouted outside the door. Come, come, what's your name? Ju Jun Pyo opened the door and shouted at Park Jae-beom. What about the noisy neighbors? After Park Jae-beom put his hands together and apologized, Ju Jun-pyo let them in. At this time, the old lady who went out to buy vegetables came back. Ju Jun-pyo saw it, nodded and greeted the old lady with a smile. Who would have thought that the old lady would come over, look at Ju Joon-pyo and shake her head. "Hey, what a nice guy! I didn't expect..". Hey Don't worry, Grandma won't discriminate against you. The old lady went upstairs with a sigh and looked at Ju Jun Pyo inexplicably. Just when Ju Jun Pyo was baffled, Park Jae-beom called out, "Jun Pyo, if you don't come in, we'll all eat Han Niu. Hurry up." "Ah, here we are." Heard Han Niu Ju Junbiao was confused and closed the door to Han Niu. Ah, cool. Park Jae-beom took a sip of his beer and shouted, "Jun Pyo, Jun Pyo,Self-closing Faucet, do you know how long I've been waiting for this day?" Park Jae-beom lay on Goo Jun-pyo's shoulder, and the smell of beer sprayed on Goo Jun-pyo's face. You know, when I first came to JYP, I was a stranger, and the so-called seniors bullied me all day and asked me to buy coffee. Bought ice and said to buy hot, I understand that, damn, they want to play with me ah. Every day I saw a cold look in my eyes. You know,Time Delay Tap, I was really bitter at that time. Park Jae-beom was a little drunk, and all the pain of those years came out at once, and it had been in his heart for more than three years. Ah, ah, say it more, say it more comfortable. Ju Jun Pyo also knew that Park Jae-beom was suffering. Sometimes, I just want to give up. It's really not a person's life. At that time, I just want to Korea. Is. Gay. korea... is.. Gay. Park Jae-beom shouted. Junpyo also knows that as more and more companies focus on collecting overseas artists, many companies are gradually divided into two factions, the overseas faction and the domestic faction. The overseas faction has just arrived and does not understand the language. In addition, the trainee career is cruel. There are friends who support each other. Of course, there are also some people who have a long way to go and stay in the company shamelessly. Their hearts are not balanced, so they want to bully others, stainless steel shower tray ,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, and the overseas faction who does not understand the language is the target. Overseas people who are not familiar with the place, of course, want to integrate into it, when they are bullied, they endure it. There are two reasons. First, no one covers them. Second, they want to integrate into it. They think it will be better after a period of time. It makes the trainees more and more arrogant, and the relationship between the two factions is worse. In the end, the celebration turned into a complaint meeting. Park Jae-beom and Ni Kun were drunk and said a lot of things they shouldn't have said. They said everything when they were drunk. In the end, both of them fell down. Ju Jun Pyo straightened them up, lay down on the sofa, and found two blankets to cover them. As for the table, let's talk about it tomorrow. [Chapter 82 Youth Olympic Games] A day has passed since Park Jae-beom spoke to Ju Jun-pyo. Today, Ju Jun-pyo went to the Silkworm Room Student Gymnasium to record a program. Ah, Litt, you're here. As soon as he entered the stadium, he saw Litt and greeted him warmly. Yo, there you are, Jun Pyo. "What are you doing this time? Brother Zhengming told me to host. What are you hosting?" Ju Jun Pyo knew nothing about the program, so Cui Zhengming told him to host the program today. Oh, after the tennis broadcast, it was very popular, so the company decided to do another episode. I think we should be the hosts today. Litt helped Jun Pyo explain, "I don't know much about it. I just came here." "Ah! Oh!". So this time it's SJ, or the special show of Shenqi. "With handsome table thought it should still be the main force of the s. M, TVXQ or SJ." I don't think so. It's not on our schedule. I'm the only one here today. Litt immediately vetoed Ju Junpyo's idea. Just when Ju Jun Pyo and Litt were wondering what to host today and who the guests had something to do, one person had not yet been answered by two people. Jun Pyo, Litt, there you are. I've been looking for you for a long time. "Brother Dabiao?" Seeing Jin Dabiao appear here, Ju Junbiao thought that today's guest might be Girls' Generation. "Oh, surprised?"? Today's guest is Girls' Generation. Don't think too much. And I am today's PD. How about it? Are you surprised? Jin Dabiao exaggerated jumping around in the same place to see the surprised expression of Ju Junbiao and others. And Litt, Ju Junbiao looked at Jin Dabiao with a black line on his face. This guy stayed with the girls in his girlhood for a long time and began to get off the line. Brother Biao, calm down and tell me what's going on. Ju Jun Pyo had to let Jin Dabiao calm down. Now he is too excited. Maybe it's the first time to be a PD. The PD of a program is the director. He has the power of life and death. When the time comes, he has the final say on how much to broadcast. Ah, oh, this program is for the company to see which episode of Prince of Tennis is doing well, so it is preparing to shoot a new episode. If the response is good, it may form a series and set up a special webpage on the official website to show this program. "Brother Biao, we know all this. Tell us something we don't know." "Ah, you already know." Jin Dabiao was surprised. He just knew the news yesterday. Jin Yingmin told him. Unexpectedly, they already knew it. Is the news better than me? "Oh, this issue is to promote Girls' Generation." "Ah, propaganda?" Seeing Ju Junbiao's appearance, Jin Dabiao felt proud in his heart. The boy finally had something you didn't know. "When I was young,push button toilet flush valve, I was going to release a new album. This program is to build momentum for the new album and improve the popularity of Girls' Generation." Ah, Jiu just released a new album. Ju Jun Pyo understood. So what's the theme this time? Coming to the gym should be related to sports. Litt raised his own question. You are right. In order to cheer for the athletes of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the theme this time is sports. Jin Dabiao took out the program process and gave it to Ju Junbiao and Litt. "Take a good look. Today's program is like this. I'm going to pick them up. The last program should be almost over. I'll be back in half an hour." cnkexin.com

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