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Jewels Full-time Job

Nov 11th, 2022 at 11:13   Security & Safety   Calangute   99 views Reference: 31
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Thanks to the sad bear, Mo Ai, the unintentional peach blossom fan, thanks to the sachet sent by Xiao Li Le Rong, thanks to Li Huahua, the pink pig in weight loss, fireflies flying, yingying1979, Zijia, fish swimming in the water 9, night moon dance, delicious bookworm, falling ripples, awen11, Sarah Lai's pink vote. Thank you for your support ~ ~ ~ Chapter 311 hidden danger. "Someone must have done it on purpose, otherwise how could there be gold hidden in ordinary crafts?" Qin Sheng reached out his hand and touched the ivory of the elephant ornament, which was suspected to be made of gold. Then he said, "I just don't know who deliberately hid the gold like this, and even put it in the shop to sell at a low price, so that you can get a bargain." "I also feel very strange, if it is a long time ago,plastic wheelie bins, then it is better to say, but to see this elephant ornament is only fifty or sixty years old at most, and it is not far away!" Gu Ming in the excitement also felt some doubts, at the same time the heart can not help but give birth to a bit of uneasiness. What's the matter? Qin Sheng found that the smile on Gu Ming's face had faded a lot, and he could not help asking aloud. Gu Ming looked at the elephant ornaments in his hand and looked up at Qin Sheng and said, "I'm just a little worried. We bought these two ornaments back. I don't know if the original owners of these two ornaments will come to us." "Probably not, since the other side has put these two elephant ornaments in the shop to sell, that means he did not find the secret of these two elephant ornaments." Qin Sheng smiled and soothed. Some things are not afraid of ten thousand,plastic pallet supplier, just in case. Gu Ming said slowly. If only they were at home now, even if they had something, they could find acquaintances to help them. Now they are not familiar with foreigners, and they don't feel so down-to-earth. Fair trade, we have neither stolen nor robbed, nor forced to buy and sell, even if someone came to the door, also can not stand that word. But as you said, it's always right to be careful if you're not afraid of ten thousand. Qin Sheng hesitated for a moment and then said, "If you like, I'll try to send this pair of elephant ornaments and the things we bought these two days back to China first, so as not to cause more trouble, and when we go back, we don't have to carry so many things in big bags and small bags." "Can you ship it back first?"? Will it be troublesome? Gu Ming thought of the various checks and procedures he had done when he entered and left the country, and he could not help beating a drum in his heart. This person has been tossing about so much, plastic pallet bin ,drum spill containment, isn't it even more difficult for things to pass? After the initial excitement, this kind of realistic problem came out, which made Gu Ming feel a little headache. This is her second time to go abroad, and she has no experience in this field. The first time she came back from Y country, she just brought some very ordinary souvenirs and so on, and she didn't encounter any problems when she entered and left the country. This time, the things were different, which made her feel that she had chosen something in her heart. There must be a little more trouble, after all, this is in a foreign country, but there should be no big problem, when the two sides hand over the procedure is right, I used to know a few friends here, just can ask them for help. Qin Sheng replied. After hearing this, Gu Ming frowned slightly and said to Qin Sheng, "If you want to owe someone a debt of gratitude, I think you can forget it. If you owe money, you can pay it back. If you owe a debt of gratitude, you can't pay it back.". Anyway, as you said, what I bought is just a handicraft. I don't know what it has. They may not check these two ornaments carefully. Maybe the immigration department will not embarrass me. Even if it's difficult. "It's all right. Don't worry. It's just a small favor. It can't be a debt of gratitude. Guhongzhai's guests are more than domestic people. It should be no problem to try to bring something back from abroad." Qin Sheng heard Gu Ming is worried about his embarrassment, the heart can not help but warm, looking at Gu Ming's eyes more gentle. As soon as Gu Ming looked up at Qin Sheng's eyes, which contained tenderness and a smile, he suddenly realized that what he had said seemed to be a little ambiguous, and he was a little embarrassed. Qin Sheng saw Gu Ming's little embarrassment, and could not help chuckling out, provoking Gu Ming to stare in shame. Ok, leave this to me. You will start the primary election the day after tomorrow. Don't think so much tonight and have a good rest. If you need to review something, I will contact you later and try to send it away as soon as possible. Qin Sheng said with a smile. Gu Ming saw that Qin Sheng seemed to be very sure, and took the initiative to take things over, and finally nodded, exhorted: "You do your best on the line, if not when the time comes." "It will work." Qin Sheng glanced at the cold dinner on the table next to him and said to Gu Ming, "Are you hungry? Would you like a new one?" "Are you hungry?" Gu Ming asked in reply. Then have a new one. Qin Sheng picked up the phone directly and informed the hotel to send a new dinner. It didn't need to be too complicated. Just hurry up. Before dinner arrived, Gu Ming ran upstairs to the big bathroom and took a good bath. Not only had a good time today, but also found a treasure unexpectedly. Gu Ming was in a good mood and hummed a ditty when he took a bath. Remembering the two elephant ornaments that she spent 500 yuan to buy today, Gu Ming felt that her luck was really good. If it hadn't really happened to her, she probably wouldn't have believed that someone could have such good luck. The left hand has the ability to appraise treasures, and every time she goes out, she will basically have a harvest, especially the time she followed Professor Wang and moved to the underground trading market, the gloomy wood of Jinsi Nan, and the nine best starlight sapphires in her stomach. These two things are one of her most precious things so far, but they are her secret property. Looking back now, she suddenly felt that she should thank Du Hao? Had it not been for Du Hao's sudden change of mind and Qiao Qingya's marriage, she would not have rushed back to break up with Du Hao immediately,stackable plastic pallets, nor would she have cut her arm because of the dispute, which made her left hand have a power, and now her luck is soaring. cnplasticpallet.com

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