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Jade Sword Fragrant Car Qianlihua-Chen Qingyun _ txt Novel Paradise Full-time Job

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Everyone did not know what had happened and could not help casting their eyes on him. The old thief wiped the sweat from his face twice and said excitedly, "The Golden Centipede Palace has changed its plan. It has launched a plot ahead of time and started a large-scale massacre. Anyone who enters Huangshan Mountain is the target of the massacre. Even my old thief has almost been killed." "Well," said the white-clothed Raksha with a sneer, "it's very exciting." "How can a girl's family be so rule-free?" Fu Feng shouted with a sullen face. "You're not allowed to talk nonsense." The white Raksha stretched out his tongue at Mo Danfeng, made a face, touched her lightly, turned around and walked out. Mo Danfeng did not know what she was going to do, and immediately got up and followed her out of the cave. Chidi Qianli rebuked Xiaojuan twice and said again, "Now the situation is getting more and more complicated. I think the plot of the Golden Centipede Palace is not limited to Huangshan. I'm afraid there are other tricks. According to the information from the Beggars' Sect, there are many people in and out of Huangshan in the Golden Centipede Palace recently. If it is only launched in Huangshan, why did they send people outside? This is very suspicious.". Yelang, one of the seven sects, was so arrogant that he thought it would be enough to solve the problem if only a few of them took the lead. He was even more foolish to disperse his strength. As far as I know, now the Wudang and Kunlun sects are guarding the South Pass, the Diancang and Hengshan sects are guarding the West Pass, the Emei and Wutai sects are defending the East Pass,empty lotion tubes, and the Green Forest Saint and the Shaolin Sect are alone in the north. Their wishful thinking is to discuss the After defeating the master of the Golden Centipede Palace, the remnants of the Golden Centipede Palace were destroyed in one fell swoop. The Four Seas Thief laughed and said, "That's right. The Golden Centipede Palace is now aiming at this point. We're going to break it down one by one. I'm afraid the Shaolin Sect is the first to bear the brunt. The old thief just found the sign." Jiguang suddenly stood up and said, "It's not too late. I'll leave right away and help Shaolin solve this crisis first." Chi Di Qian Li Fu Feng said with a sneer, "Brother Yu has nothing to do with Shaolin. I really have no interest in it." The Four Seas Thief laughed and said, "The old thief feels the same way. Why don't we two brothers just go out and play hide-and-seek with the guests who have come to Mobei?" When Jiguang saw that neither of them wanted to go,custom cosmetic packaging, he said with a faint smile, "Be my guest, Third Brother and Elder Martial Brother. I'll go alone." "How about going with you?" Asked Huang Longzi. "Now the situation is very serious. Shibo, please stay here. The younger generation will be back soon." Then he jumped out of the cave and drove straight to the North Mountain Pass. Under the morning mist, like a wisp of smoke, he crossed four or five dense forests and deep valleys in an instant, and gradually approached the North Mountain Pass. xxx At this moment, Mount Huangshan has lost the peace and tranquility of the past. Everywhere there is a hidden opportunity to kill. The evil hand of the Golden Centipede Palace stretches out in every corner of Mount Huangshan. Anyone who enters Mount Huangshan has the possibility of encountering a surprise attack at any time. At this moment, he has found several bodies that died suddenly. He can't help being angry and secretly saying, "The master of the Golden Centipede Palace is so cruel and indiscriminate." One of these days I'm going to make her suffer the consequences. Suddenly, the shadows of three men passed before his eyes and shot like arrows into the forest. The direction they were going was the northeast. I couldn't help but feel moved. I thought to myself, pump tube ,cosmetic plastic tube, "These three men don't seem to be weak in martial arts. I don't know which group of people they are." As soon as his mind moved, he immediately followed him. His skill was improving at the moment, and his action was as swift as the wind. In a short time, he had already caught up with the three men not far behind them. When he flashed his eyes, he found that they were three bald monks, who did not know what they were discussing. When he listened attentively, he saw a wizened monk with sunken eyes saying in a low voice, "Elder Martial Brother Xuanxu has ordered people to send a message. It is said that everything is ready. When he succeeds in the Golden Centipede Palace, he will do it." Another middle-aged monk, who was fat and had twinkling eyes, smiled mysteriously and said, "I'm afraid that if I can't wait until tomorrow, the purple and bald donkey will return to bliss." "Where do you begin?" "Your news is out of date. The Golden Centipede Palace has changed its plan and is about to take action. It is ready to turn him upside down from now on. It will not wait for the success of the Huangshan Sword Meeting.". ” "Why did the master of the Golden Centipede Palace suddenly change his plan?" "It is said that the master of the Golden Centipede Palace came up with such a clever plan because the boy surnamed Wu of the Earth Spirit Sect seduced several old monsters to stir things up. As for how to do it, even I don't know." The wizened old monk looked around and whispered, "Are you and I here to report the news?" The middle-aged monk suddenly turned gloomy and said, "The master of the Golden Centipede Palace has given me one day's time today to take 108 aloes rosary beads from the master's palm into his hand." The wizened monk shook his head and said, "This is a token from the head of our sect. I never leave it. How can I get it?" After listening to the conversation between the three monks who had betrayed the school, Jiguang was shocked and said to himself, "Shaolin is a decent school with strict discipline and strict acceptance of disciples. Why are there people who have betrayed the school?" As soon as the three monks had finished their secret talk, they followed the original path to the north. Knowing that they must have returned to Beishankou, Jiguang still followed them in the dark. Seeing that they had stepped into an ancient nunnery, he knew that the monks of the Shaolin Sect must also have settled here. In order to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding, he emerged from the dark and walked slowly along the mountain path. Just as he set foot on a hill, he suddenly saw a flash of blue light in a mountain depression in the northwest corner. At the same time, there were a few loud shouts in the wind. He was very familiar with this blue light. When he saw it, he knew that it was the sword awn of the Golden Spirit and Jade Soul Sword. He could not help but say in horror, "Is it possible that the second elder brother has met a strong enemy?" As soon as the thought changed, the man was already on the rise, and the stars were flying to the valley. In such a poor mountain and deep valley, it seemed to be very close, but when he started up, he had the feeling of "running a dead horse at the sight of the mountain". Although his light body kungfu had reached the realm of tiptoeing into emptiness, he still ran for a full meal before he arrived. In the distance, I heard the gloomy monster of the Venerable Poison Man roaring, "If you take the Jade Sword away from the old poison man today, you will be the Venerable Poison Man in vain." With a heavy accent,tube lip gloss, he proclaimed the name of the Buddha, "This sword is not the property of the benefactor, and the poor monk has no intention of taking it as his own. He only used it to block a demon robbery and then returned it to the original owner. Why is the benefactor so stubborn?" emptycosmetictubes.com

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