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I have a favorite concubine. I'm proud of it. Full-time Job

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Guoguo, who had been robbed of his rations, burst into tears. When the child's cry spread outside, Mammy Lu came to see the child and heard the sound. She was afraid that the two adults would hurt the child by fooling around. She reminded her, "Madam?" "It's okay." Shuang'er said. Guoguo is full, did not let go just to play, it does not matter not to eat, she closed her skirt, change the direction to coax the child. May be did not see the people who grabbed the rations, Guoguo did not cry again, small meat hand holding a finger of Shuang Er, soon fell asleep again. Wiping the corners of his mouth, Lu Heng called in Mammy Lu in Shuang'er's white eyes and carried Guoguo to the next door. As soon as the child left, only Shuang'er and Lu Heng were left in the room. The smell of orange fruit came from the incense burner. In winter, there was no bad smell in the house except the smell of milk and fruit. These days, despite the opposition of Shuang'er, Lu Heng moved a soft collapse and put it beside Shuang'er's bed. He slept there every day, but most of the time, except at night, Lu Heng was lying in bed with him. A lot of things can not be done in the month of confinement, Lu Heng afraid of her boredom,foldable bulk container, in addition to duty, always accompany her. In the absence of Guoguo, Shuang'er was his own again. Lu Heng smiled in a good mood and apologized close to Shuang'er's ear, but what he said in his mouth was obscene words and beautiful songs, which made Shuang's cheeks blush. The two of them snuggled up to each other for a while, and Lu Heng talked about Lu Miaohan. Hasn't it been sent to Kuyin Temple? Is there anything else? "Yes, but there was a big problem with her old Mammy." Lu Heng hugged Shuang Er tightly. He also did not expect that a person who had been dead for so many years could still stir up the earth-shaking of Guogongfu. Shuang looked at Lu Heng suspiciously,wholesale plastic pallet, "aren't all the people in her yard sold?" "Well, I had the Mammy bought back again." Lu Heng sneers, this matter catches up with the end of the word is afraid to count on his father's head, "this milk Mammy is the person of aunt Lan." Shuang'er went to see Lu Heng in horror. Aunt Lan had been dead for nearly twenty years. When Lu Miaohan was born, Aunt Lan had an accident and was put under house arrest in the yard. Later, somehow, the nurse who was elected was her person. For so many years, most things around Lu Miaohan could not be without her shadow. I know her fault is also because of the last time Lu Miao-han sent a message to her mother. "Then why didn't my father find out?" Shuang'er wondered. She didn't believe that those people were sold without asking anything. Because she never directly intervened, just need to push behind Lu Miaohan, Lu Miaohan's nature is like that, how can not have an accident, not to mention in her heart this milk Mammy is better than her mother. "Then, Lu Heng, don't we want to find a nurse for Guoguo?" That's a terrible thing to say. How is it possible? If you don't invite a wet nurse, the boy will be even more inseparable from Shuang'er. He patted Shuang'er on the arm and comforted him by saying, heavy duty plastic pallet ,plastic pallet box, "Don't worry, it's just an accident. You see, Mammy Lu is very good.". Besides, when he grows up, he will be sent to the front yard to study. He doesn't have much time to be with Mammy. Boys are different from girls. "You have to pay more attention to Mengting." Shuang'er whispered to himself and decided to take Mengting to Shanshiyuan to play before returning to the center of the conversation, "Will this be unfair to Lu Miaohan?" "No, you think she'll be all right without Mammy. It's just a matter of time." Last life hurt Shuang'er, no matter how she is, the return can not be less. Shuang'er nodded and did not pursue this issue. Didn't Guogongye say that she would take it back after she had changed! The author has something to say: These two days are a little late, hey! This chapter makes me a little shy ^ _ ^ Chapter 99 On the tenth day after Mrs. Lu's birthday, Chen started on the day of the due date. The baby was born one day and one night. It was a boy. Before Chen fell asleep, the tension in his heart finally dissipated and he slept without worry. It's not that she prefers boys to girls. Her body may be the only one in her life. She always hopes to leave Lu Jue with someone to inherit the family business. When the midwife brought out the child, Lu Jue clung to the door with weak hands and feet, not daring to hold him. This was an accident in his life, a surprise he had never expected. When she married Chen, Lu Jue gave up her desire to have a child, and when she first learned that Chen was pregnant, if it hadn't been for the promise of Fang Shenyi that he could make their mother and son safe, and that Chen's body was not suitable for abortion, this little thing would not have had a chance to be born. The child is almost Chen's life in exchange for, Lu Jue naturally will not let Lu Guogong to choose the name, but Lu Guogong know that the eldest daughter-in-law gave birth to a child is not easy, understand them, not much entanglement, mainly because he already had one to enjoy. After sleeping for two days, Chen woke up, and her body was badly damaged. After she had a little spirit, she first gave the child a nickname like Shuang'er-Little Pillar, which means that a cheap name is easy to feed. The little pillar was born at full term, but it was not as big as Guoguo. His voice was small. Fortunately, Fang Shenyi said that although his body was a little weak, it was not a big problem to take good care of him carefully. It was just that compared with Guoguo, the little pillar was even more painful. Approaching the end of the year, the capital is bustling, and Guogongfu is also busy preparing for the New Year. This year, a lot of bad things happened in Guogongfu, but the birth of two children at the end of the year seems to have broken the gloom and brought hope. With Lu Han's son, the fourth generation of male grandchildren in Guogongfu had three, and Mrs. Lu sent people to send things to three yards Chinese New Year's Eve that day, to the children and their mothers, and Li Qinghan, who had just been promoted to a flat wife, would naturally not be less. Two days after the little pillar was born, Lu Han went to find Lu Guogong. Lu Guogong admitted that as long as he passed the limelight, he would agree to let Li Qinghan be Lu Hanping's wife. Now he has three grandchildren, two of whom are born to his wife. The eldest granddaughter is also adopted under the name of his eldest son. Cheng Shi is also a hopeless one. For the sake of his grandson Lu Xingfeng,plastic bulk containers, Lu Guo Gong agreed to Lu Han's request. Also promoted from concubine to wife, Shuang'er's wedding shocked the whole capital, but Li Qinghan only called close relatives under Lu Han's exhortation and set up a few tables in the house. cnplasticpallet.com

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