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Hell's code of conduct by Wu Meow Full-time Job

Nov 11th, 2022 at 11:05   Medical & Healthcare   Captainganj   79 views Reference: 25
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"Then the black beast will give you what you want, and Leal will give this man what he wants," Mr. Lulu responded. Ferris, who did not know that Ferinai and Leal had made a vow, did not understand the meaning of the latter sentence, but his intuition was that it was a good thing. Black Cat with White Paws: That's it. Really, the hatred between the umbra has been solved like this. Ferris chuckled. 'Perhaps … It is because the beast who does not know love has feelings that it can achieve this. Compared with the former Lord of Chaos, each generation of noumenon carries the past of the shadow period ravaged by the previous generation, and the previous generation is due to earlier. This kind of hatred will never stop. Now they all have something to cherish, and Ferlinai didn't do anything to the present shadow in the first place because of what Ferris had done in the past. As for the possible interference outside the realm, Leal's past obsession, although it will still stay in the bottom of his heart, but this time he will not go up alone. Not to be aggressive,Time Delay Tap, nor to risk themselves, the black beast umbra finally cut off the chains of hatred. In hell, there will be no black lambs. Leal and Ferinai are now on the Isle of Tears. Leal looked at the volcano and was sensing the location of the jewel of infinite power in the crater. He wants to take the star diamond. Maybe "borrowed" is more appropriate. Leal wants to use the star diamond shield to empty the magic gas around the giant cave. Paprita's Void Tears can't do it alone, and the Tearstone Island just has another one that can be used. In fact, Ferlinai also has this function,Time Delay Faucet, but Leal needs him to do another thing. It's inappropriate to take it away without the consent of the residents here. Leal thought he should at least tell Duysen. Ferlinai didn't think so. You are now the king of hell, and nothing does not belong to you. "Only when you are responsible can you claim.". Even if you ask for it, you should get permission. Leal took some time to explain to Ferlinai, "Although you all entrusted me with the power ring, I really didn't do anything for hell before." He did not immediately return the crown to the Black Crystal Palace and had his own considerations, because there was always a voice that overwhelmed everything to stand up and make some changes. He had not yet seen who could do it, so he could only take one step at a time. Instead of retorting, Ferinai said, "But you will soon bring new life to hell." Leal eventually went to Duysen. The demon boy had returned to Tearstone Island. Instead of guarding his Leisa, he picked a remote sea cliff and looked into the distance. Leal felt that he was much thinner than the last time he saw him. He got closer, Stainless Steel Hand wash Basin ,stainless steel squatting pan, and then he realized that Duysen was not looking at the sea. There was a new settlement at the foot of the cliff, and he was watching the islanders building houses, working and laughing, and the relaxed and harmonious atmosphere still had a residual temperature on the edge of the cliff. Duysen laughed too. Looking at this scene is his rest. Duisen. Leal called to him abruptly behind his back. Unexpectedly, Duysen was caught off guard. He jumped up and shouted, "Ghost!" “…… It's not a ghost, it's me. After being vomited in front of him once before, this time Leal was thought to be a ghost. He couldn't help asking himself if there was something wrong with the way he came out. After waiting for Duysen to calm down with a livid face, Leal threw out his own words: "I want to borrow the star diamond in the mountain pass temporarily." The boy stared at him as if he couldn't understand what Leal said in sentences. What did you say? What are you doing? "I will take away the tears of the void and use them." You don't understand anyway. Duysen's expression was so terrible that Leal felt he was about to jump on him and fight him. But perhaps knowing that it was useless to work hard, the young captain took a few breaths and said hoarsely, "If the island is unprotected, how many days do you think the people here can hold out?" "I will leave a magic scroll that can temporarily shield the magic gas. Although the scope is very small, it is guaranteed to be foolproof and can concentrate everyone near the square.". I will return the gem as soon as possible. It is really important to use it. ” "As soon as you take away the gem, the black and grey water will return, and the people on the island will panic when they find it." Duysen raised his eyes. "Do you know what it's like to take away the hope that has been accumulated by hardship from a person's hand?"? Even if it's just a moment, it's a moment of despair for everyone. The demon boy knew that he could not stop the man in front of him from doing anything, just as he could take the gem after he came to Tearstone Island last time. The cloud of despair just came a little late, not much difference. Leal was surprised by the heaviness of the conversation. On balance, he decided to tell the truth, otherwise he would not be able to get the tears of the void peacefully. You know the origin of the black lamb, don't you. They are innocent people who are involuntarily exposed to evil spirits and unfortunately cannot be reincarnated after being infected, but can only fall into hell after death. Of course I know. Why do you bring this up? How could Duysen not know that this island is almost full of such people? I will make hell without black lambs. Human beings who are still on the earth and have not yet fallen into hell, human beings who are contaminated with evil spirit, as long as they do not take the initiative to contact demons and demon knowledge, these human beings will not fall into hell from now on, but can be accepted by the root. Leal went on to say: "The original law was harsh, and the extreme measures taken by the gods for fear of contaminating it by spirits with evil spirits entering the root should be revised." "You, you are.." Say what? For the second time today, Duysen couldn't understand what Leal said. Modify the law? No more black lambs in hell? These things are concepts that are ingrained in the minds of short-lived humans from birth to growth, such as the black lamb in hell, the demon contract,Manual Flush Valve, and even the existence of hell and angels. People have accepted it for a long time, and it has been integrated into everyone's life. Now suddenly someone says that these rules can be changed, which sounds like a fantasy. cnkexin.com

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