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Flowers bloom on the snow Full-time Job

Nov 11th, 2022 at 10:48   Real Estate   Canacona   133 views Reference: 3
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Han Chu took the Blue Moon to the special territory of the Student Union of the Computer College, and the members of the Student Union in the library, who were struggling with their faces, wanted to gouge out their eyes and look hard, and even suspected that they were hallucinating. Zhao Keke, the minister of the Ministry of Literature and Art, saw that the president she had been chasing openly and secretly had brought a girl to school, although the girl looked like a little doll, but now there are more and more Lolita control. Zhao Keke's face immediately pulled long: "Boss, you are not saying that you do not like girls." The big and small officers who had just come to their senses by the shock had just come to their senses and were shocked by this sentence! Zhao Keke actually said that Han Chu had refused her in private. In order to deal with this clingy and difficult Lord, Han Chu could not do anything. Looking at the blue moon who was trying to suppress laughter, Han Chu smiled slyly and said, "She's different. She's mine.." "Sister!" Blue moon saw Han Chu that smile has a bad feeling, really afraid he said what let a person beyond redemption, hurriedly grabbed Han Chu's words. Han Chu took one look at her and was about to say something when Zhao Keke said, "Really?"? I haven't heard that the president has a sister. When she decided to catch up with Han Chu, she had already investigated his information in detail. He had a good family background, was handsome, and had good abilities. He was simply an "Ultraman playing chess in the bank.". But when did he have such a sister! Blue Moon immediately said: "Oh, I live in my grandparents' home since I was a child. This is not for the college entrance examination, so I went to the place where my registered permanent residence is located." In fact, the blue moon is really telling the truth, Zhao Keke also believed. Most people would rather believe what they expect in their hearts, but Zhao Ke, the soul of the people who swim back to heaven is also the gossip. Almost instantaneously,Coil Nail Making Machine, the news that Han Chu brought his girlfriend to school immediately spread in J University, and Blue Moon, who was struggling with the arduous task assigned by Han Chu in the library, did not know at all. Han Chu walked on the way to class, listening to the comments of pedestrians, very satisfied with the nod, this is really good, can solve his many troubles, and the object or month,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, is really very in line with his mind. As a result, Blue Moon spent a day in J University, no matter reading, doing exercises, sleeping, eating, going to the toilet, all became the object of envy and jealousy. A bold man stopped the Blue Moon in front of him and saw that the Blue Moon had stopped and was about to severely reprimand her for stealing the handsome boy J, but when he saw the lovely sample of the Blue Moon, the long speech he had prepared for a long time was stuck in his throat, just like the apple that Blue Moon had eaten. Almost instantly, another piece of news came from J University. He Yunfei, the famous mouth of J University, was speechless by a married woman, breaking the myth that the king of debate said the dead in one minute! Some idiot silly female, in one day is popular J big matter such unfortunate occurrence. Han Chu said he would come home a little later in the evening, so Blue Moon went back to the library after dinner. I don't know why all the people in the student union disappeared. Blue Moon looked at the notes quietly. Suddenly, iron nail machine ,Nail machine supplier, a "happy first" in the library is very abrupt ring up, echoed in the empty study room, startled the blue moon. Blue moon a look is Han Chu, pick up very uncomfortable "hello". Han Chu laughs, the month that can get angry just has flesh and blood, regrettablly she does not often show her mood in front of oneself. Scared? I'm afraid you can't hear the phone, so I put it on outdoor mode. Blue Moon suddenly remembered that she had just arrived at the library in the morning and turned the phone to silent. Can we go home? Didn't you say later? Blue Moon asked. No, come to the activity center, room D205. "Good." Blue Moon did not ask why, asked also still want to go, it is better not to ask. Packing things, all the way to the activity center is not an easy thing, everyone is very strange to look at her, so she is also very strange to look at others. —— Blue Moon knows why all the students in the student union have been in the library for hours, and it turns out that everyone has come to the activity center. She sat in the back row, and many people looked back, including many faces they had just seen today, and some would greet her, and she responded with a smile. There was another person who kept looking back at her, but she didn't know whether to laugh or ignore it, because that person was very angry and glared at her. This man is Zhao Keke, whom I just met in the morning. Blue moon can not, had to pull a smile to her, but in the eyes of Zhao Keke is to feel that she is showing off, in return for the blue moon is more cold eyes, more angry expression. Cold eyes and anger, ice and fire made the blue moon restless, while cursing Han Chu sitting next to him a thousand times in his heart. Just now, as soon as she entered the classroom, she was pulled onto the stage by Han Chu, and then there was a round of applause. Lights, stage, applause, blue moon think life is so mysterious. Han Chu said: "She will also attend J University this year. While this is my last chance to speak in public, I would like to ask you to take good care of your future younger sister." Then he lowered his head and looked at the blue moon who did not know whether to laugh or cry and said, "She is different to me." That affectionate eyes, anyone can see the meaning, only Blue Moon, pretending to know nothing, she is going to Beijing. Applause rang out from the audience, even mixed with some people's fanatical shouts of "kiss one.." Give a kiss. Blue moon nervous, she is most afraid of this, led Han Chu off the stage. Han Chu, who was pulled into the corner, was very happy, restrained all his thoughts to rush out of his heart, called Blue Moon, and then motioned to her with his eyes. The blue moon saw that it was two hands holding hands. Everything was so harmonious, but the blue moon was not calm. She immediately shook him off and said as if nothing had happened, "I'll sit in the back." Han Chu nodded and said, "Together." "Suit yourself." Blue Moon ran to the back and sat down, but still could not stop the curious babies from looking at her. She remembered that what she saw at the door was "the farewell party of the XX Student Union of Computer College", but now it has become "the Blue Moon Party". Minister, it's your turn soon. Zhao Mou,High Speed Nail Making Machine, who was releasing low voltage to the blue moon, was summoned by the Ministry, withdrew his eyes and went to the backstage. 3shardware.com

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