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Every time the rescuer comes late. Full-time Job

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She was thin and small, with the softness of a woman. He hugged her, put his head on her shoulder, sniffed the faint fragrance of her unique grass, and slowly calmed down. Wu, if it is proved that this matter is really done by the queen mother, then I should not pursue the queen mother's life? But if the queen mother didn't do that, I wouldn't be in this world. What would you do if you were me? "I didn't think it was that complicated." Bailiwu patted him on the back to comfort him, his tone was steady and calm, "I just feel that if I make a mistake, I will be punished, and if I do a bad thing, I will pay the price." Mu Yunqi was slightly stunned, raised his head and looked at her steadily. Bailiwu felt uncomfortable when he looked at him. "Why are you looking at me like that? Am I wrong?" Mu Yunqi's brows suddenly relaxed and he went up to her and said, "You're right. I think it's too complicated. If I make a mistake, I will be punished. If I do a bad thing,pump tube, I will pay the price." "It's all right if you want to get over it." Seeing that his expression was much brighter, Bailiwu struggled to get down from his leg. "Put me down." Unexpectedly, Mu Yunqi not only refused, but also hugged her tightly: "Let me hold her for a while. I've just been hit too hard. My heart is fragile now. I need your comfort." With these words, he rubbed her shoulder and neck again. A big man, unexpectedly so coquettish with her to beg for a hug. Bailiwu pushed his head and said,polyfoil tube, "I can comfort you even if I sit on a stool. You can let go." "It's not easy to get it into your arms, but don't scatter it." Muyunqi pressed her arm, together with her body, and said in her ear, "When this is over, you will go back to the palace with me." Bailiwu was tickled by the hot breath he exhaled. He tilted his head and laughed twice: "Are you still a bodyguard?" "What kind of bodyguard? To be my concubine." "Is there a salary?" "Yes." Mu Yunqi looked at her slightly red little ears and wished he could go up and take a bite. Gold and silver are given to you, and delicious food from all over the world is also given to you. You can raise a yard of sheep and drink goat's milk freely. As soon as he mentioned the goat's milk, Bailiwu wanted to hit him, but he couldn't move his arm, so he simply bit him and left two rows of teeth marks on his forehead: "Will you accept many concubines like your father?" Mu Yunqi was so happy to hear her ask such a question that he tried to tease her: "I'm not sure. After all, I'm the emperor. I have to spread my branches and leaves for the royal family. If you are the only one in the harem, empty cosmetic tubes ,cosmetic tube, I'm afraid you'll be exhausted." When Bailiwu heard this, he immediately said, "I'm not tired. I'm not tired. I have a good body. I can't be tired." Mu Yunqi chuckled and kissed her again. "You little fool, don't you understand the meaning of my words?" Bailiwu looked up and thought for a moment, but did not understand what he had just said, thinking that he really wanted to accept someone else, and immediately felt a little unhappy. But it was going to rain, and his mother was going to get married. He was the emperor. If he really wanted to accept someone else, she couldn't stop him. So she said sullenly, "If you really want to accept another girl as your concubine, it's not impossible. But I have one condition.." When Mu Yunqi saw her suddenly say this, he couldn't help wondering, "What are the conditions?" "That girl has to beat me first." Bailiwu lowered his head and said earnestly, "Otherwise, even if she reluctantly entered the palace, she would have to be bullied by me every day." "Ha ha ha." Mu Yunqi was finally amused by her to laugh heartily, and the gloomy mood was swept away. He put his hand on her forehead and looked at her at the same level. "I won't accept anyone else. I'll spoil you." When Bailiwu heard this, he was very happy, but he said proudly, "That's what you said. I didn't force you." "Well, you didn't force me, I volunteered." Mu Yunqi looked at her, his eyes burning more and more. Bailiwu noticed it and moved his head back two inches. "Why are you looking at me again?"? There's something wrong with that look. ” "It's called being affectionate." "Is this called being affectionate?"? Why are you so seeping? "If your mouth can't speak, don't say it." Mu Yunqi's eyes moved to her small mouth. "Save it for something else." Chapter 31 Fire.. The queen mother found that there were some abnormalities in the recent Muyun period. At first, she heard the following people say that Muyun period always went out of the palace to Taishifu to pick up Xiao Qiuyu and went out to play. The queen mother was very happy in her heart. But many times, the queen mother felt something was wrong. She sent someone to follow her several times and found that Muyun had been running to a small inn recently. She ordered people to keep an eye on the inn for a few days and finally discovered the existence of Master Bailiwu and his disciples. This girl is still alive! The queen mother was furious. Mammy Li stepped forward with a look of resentment on her face and said, "I didn't get rid of it last time. Now she's brought her master to the capital and has met with Your Majesty so many times. I don't know what she's going to do." "No wonder the emperor has been so busy recently." The queen mother furrowed her brows, "the last time the white cloud temple was hastily prepared, revealing a lot of tricks, although the emperor fooled the past at that time, but now I want to secretly investigate the mourning family, I heard that a few days ago the emperor ordered people to consult your classics, he may have found something.." Mammy Li suddenly panicked. "Empress Dowager, what should we do now?" There was a flash of hostility in the eyes of the Empress Dowager: "Now the emperor is keeping a close eye on Shoukang Palace. It's not convenient for us to move. You send someone to go to Taishi Mansion quietly and tell Taishi Xiao about it. Let him be sure to get rid of Baili and his disciples, no matter what method he uses." "The slave knows." Mammy Li bowed out and immediately went to arrange the matter. Mu Yunqi and Bai Lian had already found out that Mammy Li and Li Taiyi were from the same hometown, and that someone had seen her in secret contact with Li Taiyi. In addition,aluminium laminated tube, Mu Yunqi still has a clue to be traced. Half of the people who claimed to be "Yunmeng Valley" in Baiyun Temple escaped. Those who did not escape all committed suicide by taking poison. But one of them, who was afraid of death, did not dare to bite the poison in his mouth and wanted to play dead to get away with it. He was found and put in prison. emptycosmetictubes.com

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