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Dzi Bead Change-Tang Jiasanshao Full-time Job

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Shangguan Bing'er shook her head forcefully, and the crystal tears were scattered in the air by her, I, no, little fat mouth don't send me out, I'm afraid I can't stand it. I will wait for you, no matter how long, I will wait for you. I won't go anywhere, I won't leave the vast palace, in case you can't find me. I'll wait for you here, waiting for you to pick me up, okay? In the end, her eyes were already a little crazy. Zhou Weiqing hugged her tightly in his arms, "Bing'er, Bing'er, I won't let you wait too long, I promise you.". At least three years, more than five years, I will certainly go to Tianzhu Island again, defeat your sister, and formally marry you. Shangguan Bing turned around,pumpkin seed extract, hugged Zhou Weiqing with all his strength, and suddenly opened him. Wu pulled the door and ran away like flying. Shangguan Cher was fighting at the door. She heard what Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Binger had said in the room before. Shangguan Binger passed in front of her. Her eyes were a little more strange in the cold. She nodded to Zhou Weiqing and said, "Don't let Binger down." After saying this, she went after Shangguan Binger. Zhou Weiqing dazed in front of the door, he did not chase out, because he did not want to disobey the last request before Binger separated from himself. However, at this moment, the unparalleled sense of loss and strong yearning filled every corner of his body. This is only the love of Xiao Pang and Bing Er,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, pure. Chapter 95 Zhou Weiqing's coming-of-age ceremony (part two). Inside the room, in the corner, the fat cat came out and stared at Zhou Weiqing, who was fighting in the doorway. It seemed to be stunned, and its eyes became more complicated. [Full text read.] His front paws kept scratching the sand in front of him. After a while, Zhou Weiqing suddenly turned around and said to Fat Cat, "Fat Cat, come here. Let's go to the Rubbing Palace." It was already late at night, but Zhou Weiqing's heart could not calm down at all. After the fat cat was stunned for a moment, it jumped on his shoulder and then got into his arms. I don't know why, at this moment, it was particularly eager for Zhou Weiqing's warm embrace. And when its hairy body got into Zhou Weiqing's arms, Zhou Weiqing's empty heart seemed to be enriched. Out of the hotel, the exceptionally fresh air with a bit of chill made Zhou Weiqing's brain light. When he looked up, mulberry leaf extract weight loss ,saw palmetto extract, the starry night sky brought a fascinating feeling, especially when the stars seemed very close to him, as if he could take them off with his hands. He tried his best to take a deep breath until he felt as if his lungs were about to burst, and then Zhou Weiqing stopped, and then slowly exhaled the turbid air in his chest. The lines on his face seemed to be more angular and more resolute. Although he is only seventeen years old, Zhou Weiqing seems to have really grown up at this moment. And the reunion with Shangguan Binger just now was like his coming-of-age ceremony. The dzi rubbing palace is close to the wine Jinggen, Zhou Weiqing soon came here, went to the door, and went in with the dzi order. Originally, he was a little worried that the rubbing palace would be closed at night, but when he came here, he knew that the dzi rubbing palace was never closed for twelve hours. Rubbing here, no matter what level of rubbing, need to pay fifty thousand gold coins a day. Fifty thousand gold coins, compared with the 500 gold coins of the lowest rubbing standard of the rubbing palace in various countries, are a hundred times higher. However, no one ever thought it was expensive. Because, in this dzi bead rubbing palace, every celestial beast is carefully selected and has the most powerful skills. There is no lack of the existence of heavenly kings and even heavenly emperors. As for whether there is the highest level of gods and beasts, few people know. If it is normal to come to this dzi rubbing palace, Zhou Weiqing's first thing to do must be to rub his two stone cat's eye beads that have not yet been rubbed. But at this time, his heart is full of Shangguan Binger's figure, simply can not maintain reason, in this case he has no patience to find the most suitable time skills, he came here in the middle of the night, not for rubbing skills. Under the guidance of the staff, Zhou Weiqing walked into the interior of the Rubbing Palace, where the scale is naturally much smaller than that of the Zhongtian Empire Rubbing Palace, but in front of each passage, there are also glorious gems. The staff member who led Zhou Weiqing into the Rubbing Palace asked him, "What attributes of celestial beasts do you need to rub?" After Zhou Weiqing hesitated for a moment, he asked in a deep voice, "Do you have a celestial beast with both dark and evil attributes? Any level is OK." The man in white looked at him with some surprise and said, "Please wait a moment. I won't know until I check it." As he spoke, he went to an empty gem next to him and began to inquire. The reason why Zhou Weiqing chose the dark and evil double-attribute heavenly beast is that he came to the Rubbing Palace today in order to devour the heavenly power of the heavenly beast in order to improve his own cultivation. After seeing the ice, he has a very strong desire to improve the strength, do not want to waste any more time, just want to use the fastest degree to improve their own strength, so as to welcome back their ice as soon as possible. Zhou Weiqing naturally has his reasons for choosing a beast with both dark and evil attributes. After reading the cult, he has a much deeper understanding of devouring skills than before. According to the records of the cult, when the devouring skill is used to devour the external heavenly power, the most easily absorbed by itself is the heavenly beast possessed by both the dark and evil heavenly powers, because the devouring skill itself belongs to the evil skill, and evil must be accompanied by darkness. Dark and evil attributes are the basis of devouring skills. Therefore, when the devouring skill devours the heavenly power with these two attributes, it is most compatible with Zhou Weiqing's own heavenly power. In this case, the heavenly power that can be absorbed is the most,lutein eye complex, and the waste is much less. The degree of practice is naturally the fastest. Of course, there are even fewer celestial beasts with both evil and dark attributes than human beings with both attributes. If it were not for the dzi bead rubbing palace, Zhou Weiqing would not have asked if there were such celestial beasts. prius-biotech.com

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