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Botanist of online games Full-time Job

Nov 25th, 2022 at 07:32   Engineering   Adoni   88 views Reference: 86
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So the assassin player can only nervously stare at the action of the leaf dust, once the leaf dust indicates to attack, he immediately uses the traverse skill, or can successfully escape the damage range of the durian bomb tree! It's moving! He's moving! The assassin's effort was not in vain, he saw the leaf dust at this time fiercely raised the staff! Traverse! The assassin was overjoyed to use the traverse skill, instantly deviating from the original position and hiding. Well, I didn't get away from that guy! Fake! The guy was faking it! When a traverse skill was used and it was installed on a durian bomb tree that suddenly appeared, the assassin immediately burst into tears! The guy must have done it on purpose, deceived his feelings with feints, let him use the traverse skill, and then transplanted the durian bomb tree to the direction of his traverse skill, so that he could not die any more as if he had sent himself to the door! There was a rumbling explosion, and as soon as the assassin's traversing skills stopped, his body turned into a white light and lay straight on the ground. In the state of soul, looking at his innocent corpse, the assassin was very aggrieved. Followed by more than one assassin nature, around several assassins still in stealth to see the tragic experience of the assassin player, are raised to vigilance. Soon, another assassin player saw the leaf dust looking at him, before the assassin as a warning, his heart is even more nervous. Although he had only dealt with this guy twice, he knew that they were not much different from dealing with death! Can this guy fake? While staring at the movement of the leaf dust, the assassin player thought. Fake! Seeing the leaf dust waving the staff, the assassin player instantly judged that he did not use the traverse skill, but continued to chase forward! Don't worry! He's okay! He guessed right! Assassin players are overjoyed! "Shit!"! We're after him! But soon, the assassin player remembered a fact that made him cry, and he became so happy just because he was right and the enemy was just faking. Who was chasing who? The assassin player didn't have time to think about it, because he saw the staff of the leaf dust move again! Fake! Assassin players found that he guessed right again,China spa factory, can not help but heart is happy a few minutes! Bastard! This is really not something to be happy about. Well, here we go again! False. This time the assassin player has not finished guessing, he tragically found that he fell to the ground! It's not fake, this time it's too real to attack again! There were six assassins in total, two of whom had already hung up, and the remaining four looked at the two who had already hung up, and their scalps could not help tingling. These two companions are simply being teased to death, and this tease is likely to be their turn! And they are very tragic discovery, leaf dust told them with unswerving action, their idea is right, five minutes later, the remaining four people, one by one is to fall to the ground. The assassins are all dead. Behind those who are still trying to track the members, when listening to the voice of a warrior player in the team sounded, suddenly stopped the pace. Without the coordinates reported by the assassin, endless swimming pool ,endless swim pool, they couldn't chase him. How could it be? It was six assassins, and the other side was just a botanist! After a little silence, a Bowman said in a sullen way that he could not understand. It seems that all six of them were abused by the botanist. The warrior player is already in contact with the six assassins, then wiping the cold sweat on his head and saying. Those assassins who died must have said it lightly, but I think they actually died even more suffocating. So what now? Someone couldn't help asking. Let me ask the meaning of the above. The warrior player thought about it and began to contact the top. The rest of them are all short-legged and slow guys, and the forest is easy to hide and attack. It's meaningless for them to continue chasing. The other side only needs to attack twice, and they can be wiped out. Fall back first. Soldiers soon received instructions, a wave of their hands, they were relieved to have fled back to the city scroll, ready to return to the city. Back to the city scroll ten seconds to read seconds, this is only a short time can not be shorter, but see back to the city scroll only one or two seconds left, a durian bomb tree suddenly appeared in the middle of the crowd, an explosion sounded, six or seven people lay on the ground, and the rest of the players who survived outside the explosion range, are staring. Was brought back to the city by the scroll! "What a bunch of rookies. Are they too bullying?" Leaf dust came out of the woods, looked at a few corpses on the ground, Hei Hei said with a smile, that look can not see a little sense of guilt. In fact, when flying kites with assassins, Ye Chen did not run far, but deliberately took them around the circle, killed them all, and immediately ran back, ready to ambush the remaining players, kill some of them, and then run away to continue to practice. Did not expect to come over to see, but is to see that they are using the scroll back to the city, leaf dust of course will not miss this good time to kill, a durian bomb tree in the past, immediately killed a few people. There seems to be no one, continue to practice! Spent ten minutes of entertainment, the leaf dust continues to immerse oneself in the woods to practice. Naturally, the famous fly would not give up. Half an hour later, an assassin player entered the forest of Garo alone. This time, unlike the previous one, the assassin player searched for a while in the forest of Garo, found Leaf Dust, and successfully approached Leaf Dust, but Leaf Dust did not receive the system prompt to check stealth! This assassin player's stealth is even higher than the perception of leaf dust! C Chapter 94 scruples (for recommendation). The assassin player is obviously a master, and before those assassins have a big difference, he successfully approached the leaf dust, lurking behind the leaf dust, but did not rush to attack, but very careful to follow the leaf dust side,massage bathtub manufacturers, patiently waiting for the opportunity, even if it is leaf dust, did not notice anything strange around. monalisa.com

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"Shinichi, you must not believe her. You must believe me." Gao Zong turned his head and received a cold arrow from Di Zhen's eyes. He hurriedly expressed his innocence. Gu Xingxian is making sound effects on one side again. Why don't you just shout,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, Your Majesty, you are wronged! "I was wronged. I was very quiet and seldom came here. You see,Stainless Steel Decorative Sheet, you sent all the supplements, and you were the one who ran away." She had a hard time with him again. Obviously, Stainless Steel Welded Pipe ,mirror stainless steel sheet, she was the one who ran away the most, but she insisted on pulling him out. "I didn't plant the flowers outside for Guan Ju." She raised her eyebrows and pointed to a large sea of flowers in full bloom outside. That's.. A lot of irrefutable evidence was outside, which made Gao's tongue tied and unable to speak. Someone who loves flowers more than beautiful women came to plant them spontaneously, didn't he? She unhurriedly helped him finish the next sentence. Don't make me blacker and blacker! He clutched her mouth, which would kill people, and shouted at her angrily. You won't come back in vain. What's wrong with admitting it generously? She pushed him away and looked at the man with her arms around her chest. I'll be beheaded. You don't want the head, I do. His face had changed, and if he went on, his life would be in danger. Anyway,Stainless Steel Industrial Sheet, eighteen years later, he will be a hero again. Robbing people is the most important thing. She wants to get people before she gets her head taken off. Heroes are short-lived, and I want to be a long-lived villain. Gao Zong shook his head. He cherishes life very much. She is bad ask in his ear again: "When a small person that adores boss wife?" "Masaichi's big palm suddenly clapped heavily on the table and glared at them viciously." I must sew up your rotten mouth today. Gao put his hands over her mouth. I'm going to break your leg so you can't sneak up here and plant flowers again. Gu Xingxian spoke vaguely in his hand and kicked him with both feet. sxthsteel.com