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Bone-eroding danger Full-time Job

Nov 25th, 2022 at 07:34   Engineering   Adoni   81 views Reference: 88
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"Money, did General Manager Du forget?"? General Manager Du promised the performance fee of two million yuan. Jane Tong's rough voice, because of choking and drowning, is even more broken, sounds like gravel friction, ugly, and makes people feel itchy throat. Du could not help but clear his throat, hurriedly took out his wallet from his bosom, the check was already wet, this could not be used, he hesitated, thinking that the relationship between the ugly woman and Shen Xiujin of the Shen family must not be simple, his mind moved, gritted his teeth and took out a card from his wallet: "Miss Jane, the check is wet. Take this card." As he spoke, a voice suddenly sounded: "She dares to accept this money. Do you dare to give it to Du Liqun?" General Manager Du's hand trembled and he looked at the outstanding man in astonishment. This "General Manager Shen, what do you mean." Won't you give the money to Miss Jane? Du always in the business field, naturally a listen can hear the true meaning of Shen Xiujin's words, but can not be sure, the heart of a strange feeling. Shen Xiujin did not even look at Du Zong, but he also did not refute Du Zong's words, which has shown that Du Liqun guessed right. Chien Tong's pale face was covered with a layer of dead ash. He suddenly turned his head and said, "What do you rely on?"! I bet my life to win the prize! Shen Xiu. General Manager Shen! You cannot and are not qualified to make this decision! She was so angry, so angry, that she almost forgot to be humble! But she.. Still still that only this broken skin of Jane Tong, still humble as before! "Why?" He smiles, only smiles the meaning not to reach the fundus, by takes gambles that life,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, is he saves! Shen Xiujin was angry in the bottom of her heart, but her eyes were frozen: "With my three words, Shen Xiujin!" "It's my own money, and I deserve it." Her eyes were red and she hurriedly buried her head. "Jane Tong, don't cry. There's nothing to cry about.". No matter how hard it is, it has already been experienced, but it's just a joke, so what. Jane Tong, who told you that your life is cheap and worthless, so cheap that you can take it out as a bet at will. When you decide to bet on your life,steatite c221, your life is no longer your life. It's just an exchange in a transaction. It's a transaction, and there will be times when the transaction fails. Jane Tong, there is nothing to feel bad, a Lu died, there is nothing worth your tears, Shen Xiujin is not good! Your money? You deserve it? If this world'deserves' things, will certainly be able to get, then there is no such thing as wasted efforts, and you, is not also deserved to go to hell '? "? Jane Tong hung her head, opened her eyes wide, and stared at her toes. Yes, I should go to hell, but it has nothing to do with Xia Weiming! "You ask me why, I tell you, this is the East Emperor, I have the final say." "As for the reason, I tell you, your life is not worth two million." The man's cold voice came into Jane Tong's ears. Whew! An invisible sword goes through my heart! Jane Tong subconsciously raised her hand to cover her chest. How much she wanted to press her chest and hold the pain, ceramic welding tape ,Kamado bbq grill, but her hand, stretched out in midair, hung softly to her legs, and she could speak rationally: "What Shen always said is that my life is not valuable." He was the one who said her life was worthless, and he was the one who said she should go to hell, but when she really said it herself-my life was worthless, Shen Xiujin was irritable for no reason. After crawling her hair irritably, Shen Xiujin shouted rudely, "Come with me!" Turn around and walk away. Jane Tong followed in silence. Shen Xiujin walked not slowly, but Jane Tong clenched his teeth and exerted all his strength to keep up with the figure in front of him. The leg was so painful that the bone cracked, and the left waist was empty except for the pain, and there was nothing else. A cold sweat broke out on her forehead, and she, who did not sweat in the summer sun, was so painful that she broke out layers of cold sweat. Only his body was wet from head to foot, and even if he was cold and sweaty, he could not tell whether it was sweat or water. Shen Xiujin took the lead and stepped into the elevator. As soon as he looked up, the woman was three or four meters away from him. She could not help twisting her eyebrows and drinking coldly: "It's so slow." "Right away," said Jane Tong in a gruff voice. As soon as I gritted my teeth, I didn't care about the pain in my legs and waist, so I sped up and caught up with him. As soon as I got into the elevator, I panted and said, "I'm sorry, General Manager Shen. I didn't delay.." As soon as he finished speaking, he rolled his eyes and fell straight to the ground. As soon as Shen Xiujin's breath stagnated, her hand was already faster than her brain. She stretched out early and embraced her long arm: "Jian Tong!"! Don't play dead! As soon as he lowered his head, his long and narrow eyes opened wide, and only then did he discover that her lips were suffused with the color of dead ash, and that his heart, at this moment, unconsciously hurt, hurriedly hugged him: "Jane Tong, wake up!"! Wake up Take the mobile phone again, "Bai Yuxing!"! Has Bai Yu's pedestrian arrived! Get him up to the 28th floor! Hurry up Chapter 50 severely blocking the lips that upset him. Elevator "ding", the door opened, Shen Xiujin crossed the waist to embrace Jane Tong, ran out, ran all the way into the bedroom, placed people on the big bed, reached out to take off her wet clothes. Long fingers untied her clothes one by one, the first layer, the coat; the second layer, the shirt; the third layer. The man gathered up the hills between his eyebrows. This woman, on a hot day, usually wears so much? The index finger fell on the third layer of long-sleeved underwear, he was very puzzled, who in the summer, would be wrapped in layers of clothes, wearing such a long-sleeved cotton underwear worn in autumn. But you can't just leave her in her wet clothes. Shen Xiujin speeds up the movement, peels off her wet clothes, the line of sight falls on that style old conservative bra, unexpectedly did not hesitate at all, untied her last protective layer, in the line of sight, a pair of hills suddenly jumped out, the man breathes messy three seconds. Soon, he turned around and dug out his white shirt from the wardrobe and put it on her. All the movements were done at one go, without a pause, and naturally, the hasty stripping and changing of clothes made him ignore the scar on her back waist in the hiding place. Shen Xiujin put her shirt on her body,ceramic bobbin heater, and as soon as she reached out to change her wet pants, the people on the bed suddenly kicked their feet, as if they had been greatly frightened. Whoosh!. global-ceramics.com

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Miss Zhu, of course, has lost her usual delicacy. Her hair is shaggy, her clothes are messy, and her face has changed. She looks up reluctantly. "I was hit in the stomach just now. Now, it hurts to move. I can't sit still. It's better to lie down.." Hu Yue's face suddenly changed. "Where does it hurt?" As she spoke, she quickly sent a message to the teacher and asked him to come over. He had a stomachache, which could be big or small. If he was injured in a fight, he should consider the spleen injury. If the spleen was really ruptured, he must call an ambulance immediately, otherwise he would probably die. Fortunately, she asked Miss Zhu to maintain her original position and gently palpate it: it was not the position of the spleen, but on the side of the ribs. It should have been broken or fractured. I didn't feel it at that time, but now it began to hurt, so it was inconvenient to displace. But Hu Yue still can not rest assured, for the sake of caution, she suggested that Miss Zhu immediately call an ambulance. There may be internal bleeding. No matter what concerns you have, whether you don't want to make news or make a big deal, Miss Zhu, I advise you that nothing is more important than life. Miss Zhu took a rest, probably a little strength, she raised her face, dying but still very insistent, "do not call an ambulance." Hiss- " Said these words, probably affecting the abdominal muscles, she gasped in pain, and no longer so insistent, "ambulance." Don't call 120, Doctor Shi,Alumina Ceramic C795, you- " The teacher naturally had access to a private hospital. He and Hu Yue looked at each other. "I'm calling-are you sure you don't want your boyfriend to come over?" "He was on a business trip in the United States to talk about going public." Miss Zhu said that with the help of Hu Yue, she slowly changed to a more comfortable position, bent half lying half holding, leaning on the edge of the sofa panting, slowed down for a while, and said, "I should not wake up now, can you take some pictures for me?" She turned pale with pain, but still insisted on asking Hu Yue to take a picture of her, dying to edit WeChat, while typing,Ceramic Band Heater, she couldn't wait to ask, "Look at my face, my face.." Doctor, how is my nose? Is it crooked? Do you want.. Hiss, repair surgery? This may be dying, but still so concerned about the face. What can Hu Yue say? When Miss Zhu called her, she only said that she had been beaten and was in a certain club. Now she could not come out. She wanted to ask her to come and see her face. By the way, she would bring the Guru. He had a member of this club, and Miss Zhu knew it. Hu Yue also thought that there was something unhappy in the social intercourse, Miss Zhu was rewarded with a slap, came to know that it was so serious, and may even be life-threatening. But what Miss Zhu is most concerned about is her own face. Doctor Shi- She looked at the teacher prayerfully and eagerly, urging him to come forward for treatment. "Is it-is it-?" Hu Yue and the teacher exchanged a look, the teacher shrugged his shoulders, no expression, Hu Yue sighed: "The face is blue, the eyes are high and swollen, the nose is also need to say?"? That angle, oneself all saw is not right, besides, 10g Ozone Generator ,Ozone generator ceramic plate, doesn't she feel the pain? "It was interrupted." She had no choice but to tell the cruel truth. "The operation must be done. Miss Zhu, don't you feel it?"? The nose has been broken. Miss Zhu's expression suddenly solidified, her face, once atmospheric and beautiful, amorous feelings, after the operation, slightly exaggerated in reality, but still can be regarded as a beautiful beauty, but now, this swollen and twisted face, even as scary as the ghost face woman, beauty was easily destroyed, leaving only scars. After the incident, she may not have been crying, the corner of the eye makeup is still intact, until this moment, tears washed away the mascara, down the red and swollen abrasions, she lowered her head, crying and pumping out a painful hum, the mess has reached the extreme, Hu Yue commanding, looking at the back of her head, I do not know how, and thought of Miss Wen-a year ago, where to think of a year later today? "It can be repaired." She said, some in vain to comfort miss Zhu, "first go to the hospital to do a b-ultrasound or something, to see if there are other facial fractures, no is a small problem, nose fracture is actually quite common, good craftsmanship, perhaps can be repaired to leave no trace.".
It's better to make sure you don't have internal bleeding first-life is really more important than face, Miss Zhu. Besides, if you cry, you'll have a runny nose for a while, and it'll only get worse. Miss Zhu couldn't even shake her head now. She probably had a pain in her stomach when she moved. She made a gesture to wipe her tears. Hu Yue took two pieces of paper to help her wipe it. Her eye, which was not swollen, was still so beautiful. It's too late. What's too late? The new play is too late, the big production that starts shooting immediately, the leading actress is beaten like this, what should we do? How long is the recovery period? If the nose can't be repaired again, will it be changed? Will you never be able to develop in the entertainment industry again? "In fact, I didn't want to do anything with him at all, it was all himself." Before the ambulance came, Miss Zhu said intermittently, "It's all his own thinking, but his wife doesn't think so.." Needless to say too thoroughly, Hu Yue herself could think of the rest: Miss Zhu's boyfriend, of course, had a wife, and probably had a lot of influence in his hands. Taking advantage of her husband's opportunity to go abroad and teach the fox a little lesson, wouldn't it be justified? Perhaps there are also some contradictory fuses related to Miss Zhu, so she became the object of anger. Perhaps even, some of the people who are jealous of Miss Zhu's development secretly instigate, otherwise, how can it be so accurate? Came up to break her nose, this must be know that she has done the nose, but also repaired, compared to other parts more fragile, will find the right to start. This nose, single-handedly pushed her to the peak of her life, but it also became her weakness from then on. Not to mention Miss Zhu, even Hu Yue,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, a bystander, did not expect that Miss Zhu would fall on this for the second time. She was speechless for a while and did not know how to comfort her: everyone came out to mix, and she could not say what position she had on this kind of dispute. global-ceramics.com