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Atavism Full-time Job

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I really got up early today, and I got up before 6:30. Because the waiting time agreed with Wang Maoyuan is 7:20. Counting the days when I got up so early in these years, I can count them on one hand. Young man, you seldom get up so early, do you? My old man can't sleep. Happiness. I went all the way with Wang Maoyuan, and soon my sleepiness was discovered by him. I smiled sheepishly. "It'll be all right later." Six ears, on the other hand, are very energetic. Six ears and I were the first to go back to Tilanqiao Prison. The thick walls suppressed the mood of everyone who passed by, and my sleepiness immediately dissipated. There are still a lot of prisoners in the whole prison, but the section we're going to is now empty, and the renovation project has just begun. Six ears and I showed our ID cards, filled out the visitor form, checked our belongings, then pinned the visitor card on our chest and followed Wang Maoyuan into the high wall. During the inspection, I was surprised to see that Liu Er had taken the prison uniform that Wang Maoyuan had given him yesterday in his bag. After the release, I asked him in a low voice: "Why did you bring this dress?" Six ears a smile: "wait a moment may be useful." What kind of medicine is he selling? I murmured in my heart I'm getting more and more confused about what this kid thinks. The wide courtyard between the outer and inner walls of the prison in Hong Kong movies does not exist in Tilanqiao Prison, and the high guard towers and searchlights with armed sentries are hidden somewhere. However, there is no doubt about the security of this prison,Fiberglass tape measure, which was built by the British at the beginning of the last century and was called "the largest prison in the Far East" at that time. Into the big iron gate is the four-story prison building, we want to go to the C area. Walking in the narrow corridor, I passed one iron gate after another. Most of these iron gates are now empty, and the prisoners have gone to work in the factory in the podium after breakfast. There were some building materials piled up in the walkway of Area C. Wang Maoyuan told us as he walked that the British building structure was very strong, so this time he only repaired the surface. Tilanqiao Prison has now become a window for Shanghai's judiciary to the outside world. People often come to visit it. It can't be too dilapidated. It is being rebuilt step by step in a planned way. The iron doors of Area C were unclosed, and the first section of the room had begun to be painted. Wang Maoyuan stopped in front of cell 5. In that year,Walking tape measure, from Room 3 in Area C to Room 27, those who were locked up were basically the criminals of the '4.23' case. Wu Yuzhu, the owner of the pen, is in Room 5, and Zhang Jinlong is in Room 13. With these words, he pushed open the iron gate and went in. Room 5 is a relatively large cell, about 10 square meters. This room only has a small window on the iron door. Now the iron door is all open and the lighting is not very good. You can imagine how dark it would be if it was shut inside. On the other hand, I'm afraid the people who were locked up inside were not in the mood to complain about the lighting problem. The ground is terrazzo, if Wu Yuzhu's steel pen is worn in the cell, the traces left can only be on the terrazzo floor. I bent down to look at the ground, and Wang Maoyuan and Six Ears did the same thing. I was stunned after only a few glances, and I couldn't help sighing. It's not that there are no traces, but that there are too many traces left on the ground. The prison has been built for nearly a hundred years. Hundreds of prisoners have been locked up in this C5 cell, Fish measuring board ,Wheel tape measure, and when they are bored, they have already turned the hard terrazzo floor into a big face. Although not covered with a mess of scratches, but in the two square meters around me, there are at least three deeper scratches, the whole cell has at least a dozen, how can we know which one is Wu Yuzhu's scratch? I straightened up disappointedly, but saw Wang Maoyuan and six ears still bending down to examine carefully. I'm a little surprised. I thought of it. These two people have no reason to think of it. Passed a little while, Wang Maoyuan also gives out a sigh, straighten up to say: "Really cannot identify, I had seen 3 places may be the mark that pole pen draws, whole room adds up to have 6 or 7 places to have a possibility.". Originally wanted to gain something, so many years have passed, the traces of that year can not be found. - I thought to myself that Wang Maoyuan was trying to distinguish all kinds of scratches, and that too fine scratches could be eliminated, but unfortunately there were too many similar scratches in this room. But the six ears were still moving with their waists, and still refused to give up. "Do you have any way to distinguish?" I asked six ears. He made a "wait" gesture to me. Wang Maoyuan looked at him, then at me, with a puzzled look on his face, and bent down again to observe the ground. He must be wondering what the six ears are distinguishing on. I followed the line of sight of six ears, but I couldn't see anything. Found it. Six ears suddenly said. Wang Maoyuan and I immediately went up. There was a scratch the size of two palms. "How do you know that?" I asked. Don't worry, you see what it looks like first. Six ears said. I followed Wang Maoyuan to squat down and squint my eyes. This is definitely not a Chinese character, it should be a pattern. The scratches are deep and the edges are rather blurry. This blurring seems to be caused by repeated depictions. Wang Maoyuan stood up, stepped back and looked here, saying, "This seems to be the place where Wu Yuzhu slept." He came over again, compared, and said, "If he sleeps with his head on this side, his right hand is almost straight.". Well, it's very possible that he might be holding a pen in his hand when he sleeps at night. Day after day. Unfortunately, the marks are hard to identify. "Nado, don't you think this pattern looks familiar?" Six ears said to me. "Looks familiar?" After he said so, I felt a little familiar. Look, there is a circle in the middle of the scratch. What is in the circle? It's a circle, and in there.. The trace is really a little blurred, and the more I look at it, the more familiar it looks, but I just can't remember it. Six ears also crouched down, used their hands as pens, drew a circle,horse weight tape, and drew a string of patterns in it. Before Wang Maoyuan could see what it was, I was immediately broken through the fog. Three rabbits, it's three rabbits! The six-ear drawing is the core circle pattern of the three-rabbit picture-the rabbit picture with three ears connected. tapemeasure.net

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