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Anger breaks the universe Full-time Job

Nov 25th, 2022 at 07:22   Engineering   Adoni   84 views Reference: 68
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The speed of the golden beam really made Ou Chen feel a burst of fear. The strong impact force brought out by the golden beam made him have a kind of fear from his heart. But after the golden fog stayed for a moment, he did not find any sign of the golden beam shooting out. This shows that, at least, in this golden fog, everything is quiet and there is no danger. But now, he still did not find the trace of the'golden elixir '. And he also knew clearly that since even the white-haired old man could not bring out the'golden elixir ', it was enough to prove that there were more dangerous things in the following treasure hunting process. So, although the line of sight is not narrow after the golden fog, Ou Chen facing the oncoming pressure, still sliding down. And its nerves, is still tight to the extreme, looking around. After this endless slide continued for a moment, Ou Chen was completely in a golden fog. What makes him feel difficult is that at this time, he can't distinguish between north, south, east and west, up and down, because everything around him is the same. And in this golden fog, he is indeed completely lost his sense of direction, he can not feel any gravity, but can clearly feel the pressure from all sides. This overbearing pressure, as if to squish everything in general, makes Ou Chen at this time even the sound of breathing become urgent. In this case, Ou Chen frowned slightly, the body's light green elements shook again, the body's vitality Dan is still running rapidly. The four divine consciousnesses spread out to all sides respectively. It was because these four divine senses spread out at the same time, because of the visit of divine senses, he suddenly realized that there was an exit less than 100 meters south of him,industrial racking systems, where the gold elements seemed to be much denser. Aware of the location of the exit, Ou Chen subconsciously sped toward the exit, and after a moment, Ou Chen finally flew to the location of the exit. However, when he flew to the exit position at the same time, the scene in front of him, but let him really stunned, and the heart, but there are waves of hair. This is a cave, a cave with golden light. But these golden lights do not have any energy to attack people. The cave was a hundred meters high, as if it was covered by something, completely isolated from the golden fog. The cave is about fifty meters wide, and around it, there are golden grasses growing everywhere. Ou Chen sees these golden grasses, industrial racking systems ,warehouse storage racks, although have the meaning of salivating at the moment, dare not pick them easily. Because he clearly saw that there were countless skeletons in the golden grass. Even on some skeletons, there were some golden grass growing, and this large number of skeletons made Ou Chen's footsteps recede. So many skulls. Ou Chen took two steps back with a sigh. However, when he stepped back two steps, he suddenly stepped on a skull. His body trembled slightly, and his eyes suddenly burst into endless fear. Because, when he stepped on the skull at the same time, but found that the golden grass, suddenly from the ground began to grow rapidly, toward Ou Chen gathered. The speed of growth, unexpectedly in the blink of an eye, will be Ou Chen's body. Surround! (To be continued.) More wonderful, more good books, all in the wonderful book network-http://Www.Qisuu.Com. Chapter three hundred and nine looking for'golden elixir ' (2). Update time: 2012 101821:55:42 Number of words in this chapter: 3081 "Shit!"! What's wrong The sudden growth of the golden grass made Ou Chen's eyebrows suddenly wrinkle. The lightning-fast growth rate also made his inner anxiety surge up. And a light green protective circle was also shot out at this time. Boom! A slight muffled sound burst out at the same time as a strong burst of energy from the soles of Ou Chen's feet. Accompanied by this slight muffled sound, Ou Chen's body suddenly jumped two meters high. However, when he jumped to a height of two meters, the rapidly growing golden grass did not give him a chance to continue to jump. At this moment, a golden vine was formed, and Ou Chen's body was pulled down from two meters high. Crunch.. When the vine touched the pale green protective circle, the sound of breaking also made Ou Chen's heart instantly mention his throat. That's the sound of vines penetrating the protective circle! Hearing this, Ou Chen did not dare to neglect at all. After complaining again, he quickly repaired the light green protective circle, but his body was still unable to move. Gradually, the vines that spread up surrounded all his pale green protective circles, and then began to bite like crazy. Hear the sound of being bitten, Ou Chen heart in the hair at the same time, the whole body can not help but have goose bumps. However, when he wants to send out energy at the same time, but is to feel, a burst of overbearing pressure, unexpectedly in the effort to suppress his body to send out energy, or, Ou Chenben has no way to start. Because of this, Ou Chen's expression changed, and the ferocious look on his face suddenly made his body a little twisted. With a loud shout, the energy brought out by the four divine senses immediately smashed its elemental protective circle, and after that, the vines were completely smashed. But. When these vines were smashed, he found that the golden grass on the ground was unrelenting, and once again evolved from the ground into vines attacking him at an alarming rate. Ou Chen knew that if he did not find a suitable solution, sooner or later he would be trapped by the vines like these skeletons! "What a perverted golden grass." Ou Chen gritted his teeth and felt the cold sweat on his forehead. Look at the rapidly growing vines. Deep down, I don't know how to deal with it. At this time, Ou Chen's left foot was suddenly caught by something. Looking back, it is still the vine has been firmly entangled in the left foot,heavy duty rack manufacturers, in this case, Ou Chen clearly know, even if it is sent out energy protection circle. Nor can it be separated. kingmoreracking.com

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The two brothers watched them go out at the counter. Zhuang Fei felt uncomfortable for a moment. He looked back pitifully and followed them out. 30 The weather is fine and the sunshine is warm. Winter in the Middle East is also like early spring, with two buttons missing from the coat and no gloves. There were fewer passers-by than yesterday. It was the Sabbath before the sun went down, the Jewish shops were closed, and there were no passengers at the bus stop. Walking out hand in hand, my head still hurts a little, but it's much better. I just ate the snacks he bought in the restaurant, so I was very honest when I went out, and my mouth was short! I didn't expect that he would buy food for himself. He looked stern at ordinary times, but after being alone for a long time, I felt that he had a kind and delicate side. No matter how strict the face plate is, the action is gentle. He didn't talk much, and the arrogance of yesterday seemed to have gone down. It was the same route, but faster. I bought her a hot drink on the way and warmed her hands. From the time he treated the wound, no, I should say from the plane, I thought he was a careful man. No matter how novel he was on the road, he was not in the mood to see it, and he had been secretly observing his side face. The lines are a little hard, not as easy-going as Qin Mu. Can I remember this road without you? With a strong hand, she was pulled by a shock. Uh. Yes,cantilever racking system, I can. After all, it's the second time to walk, and many intersections have a vague impression. It's all right. I'll be familiar with it every day next week, and then I'll go by myself. Clench her hand, but pay attention to all around. There was still a stretch of road at the entrance of the university, where there were student couples, all kinds of faces, and a few young people wearing Arab headscarves. After the Spring Festival is the Jewish Pumi Festival,heavy duty metal racks, the streets will be chaotic during the carnival, so you should be careful. He watched her bow her head and listen carefully, and turned around after crossing the intersection. Stay in the hotel every Sabbath, and tell me when you go out alone, and Tianfang will pick you up if necessary. Whatever you do, safety comes first. Don't do it again after what happened last night! As soon as he said it, his forehead hurt. What do you mean by saying this? As if I didn't care about her in the future, it was more sad than the feeling of writing a check. Counsellor, am I going to work at the university? She asked so seriously that she even stopped and refused to go. She thought that when she just changed the dressing, she would cry out for pain and give her snacks. It was not practical to let her go to work in the university. Stand still beside her, let go of her warm hand and pat her on the head. You're going to school! "Hm?" "You are going to study in the East Asia Department, and the formalities will be completed next week.". Soon, you'll get to know Bluma. "Don't you know which campus she is in?" "You will find the answer." "Then.." What do I learn? "Japanese!" "I don't like Japanese. I hate Japan and Japanese people!" "No way, there are only two majors in the East Asia Department, asrs warehouse ,heavy duty rack manufacturers, Chinese and Japanese, so you can't learn Chinese!" "Can you learn anything else?" "No!" "Can I be a teaching assistant or a handyman?"? I don't learn Japanese! "If you don't learn, you have to learn. It's a job!" I hate Japan! "I know." Such a clear head of love and hate, likes and dislikes all hang on the face. Remember, during the interview, you said that the existence of the language in that country is also reasonable. If you learn, it doesn't stop you from hating them. Must learn, must learn! Without words, he gave the order, which was the final decision, kicking the pebbles on the road with his head down, and pouting his mouth to hang lanterns. He wanted to walk forward hand in hand again, but he didn't give it. He carried it behind his back and kept silent. That day, so has been bored back to the hotel. Dinner, a table of dishes, no mind to pull two mouthfuls, went upstairs. Because he could not turn off the lamp on the Sabbath, he put a pillow over his head and pretended to sleep. When she pushed the door and went in, she saw the bed bulging, and everyone could see that she was angry. Samir called Zusa so many times for dinner that she ignored him. Is it really so painful to learn Japanese? He put down a novel, patted the ball in the quilt, and went out without speaking. When I saw her the next afternoon, I obviously stayed up late reading and looked tired. Although the face is still unhappy, but the meal is delicious. At the end of the Sabbath, he went to the small yard to look at the stars and squatted beside the flower pond with his little face up.
"Zusa, why do you ignore me?" Samir followed him to the yard and went to the flower pond to look at Zhuang Fei. No, I just have a headache. I made a random excuse, and I was still thinking about school. Last night, I climbed out of my pillow and saw the novel he put on the bedside. I was happy for a while, but after reading it for a while, I put it down again. I have no confidence in myself when I think of the task I will start soon. Studied the articles all night long before anyone could get them back from the office. At first I thought he wanted her to teach Chinese, which was obviously an overestimation of the situation. If you are going to study, why do you have to prepare for this? He didn't know what to say, and he had a headache at the thought of being arranged to learn Japanese. It's better to fall silly that day and send it back to China. Better? Let me see. Samir came over and pushed aside the broken hair on Zhuang Fei's head in the moonlight. The Band-Aid on his forehead was removed, and there was a long blood stain. Although it was scabbed, it must have bled a lot at the beginning. It's all right, it doesn't hurt very much. "How did he hit you in the office? He was so careless." Look at the wound sympathetically and help her put on a band-aid. I'm usually very careful. Without speaking, Samir looked at the wound. It turned out that he didn't tell everyone the truth, and he had a conscience! The two men stood up together and looked at the sky. Distant lights, after all, is the appearance of the new town, can not see those ancient relics. Out twice, he did not take her to any places of interest, just to review a road, told to pay attention to the words of safety. For a whole day, the restaurant was closed and deserted. The people here are a bit unusual,mobile racking systems, only Samir is always friendly, smiling and caring. Itzhak was so cold that he often said nothing when he saw him. Mu and Yali seemed to be very busy, always going out and coming back in a hurry at dinner. jracking.com