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An expert in refining treasures Full-time Job

Nov 11th, 2022 at 11:17   Marketing & Communication   Calangute   236 views Reference: 39
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Holding the psychic jade in his hand, Chu Yu wandered in the treasure house. Whenever the blue light continued to light up, Chu Yu would stop and search for a while. It didn't take long before he took a pile of very good refining materials. As for those objects that induce the green treasure to shine, Chu Yu was not very interested. After putting about ten kinds of refining materials that lured the blue treasure to shine into the nine pythons' congealed green bracelets, the shining blue brilliance on the psychic precious jade suddenly dimmed, and after the last two flashes, there was no sound. Knowing that all the really good things in the treasure house had been found, Chu Yujing hung the psychic Baoyu on his waist. Then he put his mind on the nine pythons congealing green bracelets. "Last time, he was only in the early stage of the golden elixir.". Divinity is not strong enough to only open a layer of storage space, now to the distraction period for repair, should be able to open a few more layers of space is.. Thinking of doing it, Chu Yu did not hesitate to do it, just like opening the first storage space of the nine pythons before, holding his breath, Chu Yu gathered all the divine consciousness between his eyebrows until he reached his personal limit, and suddenly released a little divine consciousness between his eyebrows. Boom. Chu Yu only felt a shock of divine consciousness, a powerful wave of divine consciousness was touched by him,rosmarinic acid supplement, and then he found that his divine consciousness had entered a huge space, but the surroundings were not as empty as the first storage space of the nine pythons. As far as I could see, there were all kinds of bronzes piled up, most of which were swords and halberds. After a rough sweep, there were no less than ten thousand. What is this? Taking a bronze halberd from this space, Chu Yu could not help wondering: "It is neither a magic weapon,jujube seed powder, nor a refining material, nor a magic weapon to cut iron like mud.." Instead, it looks like the weapon of an ancient soldier. The Nine Pythons Congealing Green Bracelet is absolutely a storage type magic weapon that can only be used by practitioners. But what is the use of a realist collecting so many soldiers and weapons? This problem really troubled Chu Yu for a long time, suddenly jumped out of his mind "seal true" two words is to let him have a bold guess. During the period of Fengzhen, the Shang Dynasty fought with the Great Zhou Dynasty. Could it be that the original owner of this storage magic weapon was a general between the two countries? It seems that only in this way can it be explained. Volume III Seeking Demons in Huashan Mountain Chapter one hundred and sixteen alternative invitations to dark trials. It is said that in the territory of Shushan Xiuzhen, Emei Congeals Biya, which is the residence of Emei Sect, covering an area of nearly a thousand. It is also known as the two spiritual mountain resorts of the Chinese Xiuzhen Realm together with Yuxu Palace in Kunlun Mountains. It can be said that it is the source of the spirit of heaven and earth, holding thousands of magic in one vein. At this moment, a fist-sized, faintly blood-colored light group rushed straight to the door of Ningbi Cliff and flew to the Hongqiao Bridge. Seeing this, the disciples of the Emei Sect could not ignore it. They immediately saw a boy in Tsing Yi with a sword soaring over the sky to block the way of the light group. Where is the monster. The blue sky and the white sun dare to break into Ningbi Cliff and retreat quickly, ghana seed extract ,fenugreek saponins, which can spare your life. The light group was not moved, but it also stopped castration. After a pause, a wisp of knowledge floated out, "Younger Martial Nephew, it's me, Zhangsun Huo, a disciple in charge of teaching.." Have you forgotten? The last time I came back to Ning Biya, I brought you a few worldly things. Shi Linfeng, the boy who guards the mountain, is the third disciple of Yunding Sanren, the first disciple of Zixu Zhenren, the master of Emei Sect. He is also the favorite disciple of Yunding Sanren, because Yunding Shanren is the candidate for the master of Emei Sect. So Shi Linfeng also has some status in the Emei School. Plus he's young. He is also very pleased with the teachers. He is definitely the most favored one among the younger disciples of Emei Sect. Shi Linfeng stared at the group of lights in astonishment. After a while, he exclaimed, "You are Martial Uncle Zhangsun. Oh, my God!"! How could you fly to Ningbi Cliff with the body of yuan Ying. "Little Martial Nephew," said Zhangsun. I have something urgent to see the master. Please tell me as soon as possible. If it's too late, Emei will be in trouble. Zhangsun Huo's sentence "Emei is in trouble" really surprised Shi Linsheng, who is still young. You should know that Emei Sect is the most powerful branch of Taoism in the realm of cultivation in China today, and its overall strength is comparable to that of Kunlun Sect. It is said that Emei is in trouble. How difficult it must be! If he were an older disciple, he would not take the words of Zhangsun Huo seriously. Even Zhangsun Huo would not say so. It happened that Shi Linsheng was young. Second, he had received some benefits from Zhangsun and had a good impression on him. He actually believed it and said hurriedly, "Martial Uncle Zhangsun.". As early as half a year ago, Shizu entered the Taiyuan Cave to practice in seclusion. How can I find it for you? "So now Big Brother Yunding should be in charge of the Emei Sect?" The eldest grandson was not sad but happy, and immediately asked. Yes, now it is the family teacher who presides over the management of Ningbi Cliff. Shi Linfeng said without hesitation. Then I'll ask Elder Martial Brother to make decisions for me. Can Younger Martial Nephew guide me, a half-disabled man.. Shi Linfeng nodded repeatedly and said, "Martial Uncle Zhangsun, come with me. The Master is now refining his flying sword on the Nine Palaces Rock." Under the guidance of Shi Linfeng. Zhangsun Huo followed him to Jiugong Rock, where he saw a middle-aged scribe in a white Taoist robe standing proudly on a huge sword-shaped rock across the cliff. In front of him, three flying swords were shining with dazzling golden awn, hanging in the void, and the silk was like the real sun shining directly on it. Master worker Seeing the young disciple, who was responsible for guarding the mountain today, coming with the sword, Yunding Sanren could not help feeling a little unhappy and said, "You idiot boy.". Today it's your turn to guard the mountain. How can you run around the world? When Yunding Sanren saw Zhangsun Huo yuanying behind Shi Linfeng, he could not help frowning,ghana seed extract, "How did this master follow the earthly registered disciple who had paid a lot of tribute every year? It was still the body of yuanying.." Zhangsun Huoshen knew that although he was a nominal disciple of the Emei Sect, he was fundamentally speaking. In this congealed blue cliff, his identity is even worse than a boy who carries water and pours tea. Marginalizing the secular Xiuzhen family is a tenet followed by every Xiuzhen sect. prius-biotech.com

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